Embrace The Skin You're In This Spring

By Emma Coleman, Magnitone Senior Brand Ambassador, Clinic Director, Aesthetic & Dermatology RGN

With spring definitely feeling like it’s arrived with the longer days and blossom on the trees, we at MAGNITONE are here to help you focus on new beginnings and positive mindsets.
Spring feels like a good time of year to remember how beautiful we are, and remind ourselves that feeling comfortable in our own skin is not a luxury but an absolute right, which really does embody MAGNITONE's key philosophies.



So, here are our top tips for celebrating yourself (and your skin!) this month:
  1. Make your mornings bright and breezy - getting up is not everyone’s favourite thing to do, but whether you’re working from home, a busy mum or dashing into the office, you can still take 5 minutes to cherish yourself at the start of the day! Start off with a quick in-shower face massage using the fully waterproof Magnitone Barefaced 3 cleansing brush. This only takes a couple of minutes, eliminates impurities, whilst improving circulation to the skin, so you’ll emerge glowing. Once you’re dressed, pop on our Get Lit LED Mask - there’s red, blue and yellow light to choose from, and you can still get ready whilst you’re wearing the mask, as it’s so light and easy to see out of. This mini routine each morning will leave you looking refreshed, whether you’re wearing makeup or not.
  2. Random Acts of Firmness - set a little time aside to be kind to yourself and / or a loved one. Maybe you’ve had a tough week, or you know someone who is struggling right now. Create a mini spa at home, either alone or with a plus one. Grab the bestselling MAGNITONE FaceRocket which harnesses five different technologies and gives skin on the face and neck a super boost. So simple to use, this wonder has been proven in trials to improve skin firmness by 29% and reduce wrinkles by 10%. Great for an all-round skin pickup, there really is something for every skin concern in the FaceRocket.
  3. Evening Ritual - Evenings are a great time to create a skincare ritual, where we take a little extra time to enjoy caring for ourselves. Trials have shown that focusing on self-care not only improves our mood long after the self care activity has finished, but also reduces fatigue and depression. I recommend starting off this 15-minute ritual by applying a beautifully scented face wash cleanser to clean skin, such as the Emma Coleman Creamy Cleanser, which contains sweet orange oil to calm the nervous system down. Massage well, taking a moment to breath in the scent, then apply the MAGNITONE ScrubUp 3-in-1 Ultrasonic Pore Cleaner to provide a deep cleanse, refine pores and scrub off the day. Splash the face with tepid water, and gently pat dry. Apply your night moisturiser or face oil, and use the ScrubUp to infuse the product into your skin’s deeper layers. This feels super satisfying! Finish off with the Lift and Tone setting to firm the skin before bed. If you have time, you can apply the Get Lit LED Mask at this point, to give skin an extra rejuvenation boost.
Hope you find these self-love tips helpful! It’s always important to remember not to be hard on ourselves, that our skin tells our life story, that often what we see online is not realistic.
Emma and the MAGNITONE team xx