MAGNITONE SuperNaturals Pure Sonic Cleansing Starter Kit | SuperNaturals Skincare - Magnitone

SuperNaturals Pure Sonic Cleansing Starter Kit

For breakout-prone skin, this extra gentle, yet powerful blemish-busting combination of our XOXOSoftTouch Silicone cleansing brush,  SuperNaturals Breakout Knockout Cleanser and Anti-Pollution Moisturiser will combat excess skin oils, blocked pores and uneven skin tone, clearing the way for brighter, softer and healthier-looking skin.

Includes SuperNatural Ingredients: Cleanser (Activated Charcoal, Wasabi, Tea Tree), Moisturiser (Zinc, Magnesium, Resurrection Plant)

A Gentle, Natural, Powerful Blemish-Busting Combination

Combining SuperNaturals Skincare with our gentlest silicone, sonic cleansing brush - XOXO -  gives you the best skincare treatment while protecting sensitive skin. XOXO's micro sonic vibrations wobble impurities from pores and make way for better skincare absorption.

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