An independent study was designed to obtain objective evidence of the effects of the Vibra-Sonic® cleansing brush after one use and seven days use.

It was clinically proven that the Vibra-Sonic® cleansing brush helped skin to appear clearer + smoother, firmer + tighter, brighter + more radiant.


  • Twenty five volunteers aged 18 to 40 were recruited. The volunteers had healthy skin.
  • Instrumental and imaging-based measurements were made, together with volunteers’ self-assessment.
  • Subjects used the test product once in the clinic under supervision and daily at home for seven days. Assessments were made after a single use and after 7 days use.

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Graph demonstrating results for Visia test.

Poryphrins / Texture - Canfield Visia®

Canfield Visia® is an image-based skin analysis system. Both left and right-side images were analysed and the parameters derived for each side.

The system detected differences both after first use and after a week’s use. In particular, the parameters Porphyrins* and Texture** were decreased significantly compared to Pre-Treatment values.

*Poryphrins - bacterial excretions lodged in the pores), therefore reduction is poryphrins = reduced bacteria in pores.
**Texture - primarily an analysis of skin smoothness, therefore decrease indicates reduced appearance of rough, dry skin.

Translucency - TLS Translucency Meter

The Translucency Meter (TLS) assesses how light interacts with the skin structure and pigmentation, absorption levels and sub-surface scattering phenomena.

Significant results across parameter Alpa, K and Area showed the use of the device leads to a more translucent (clear) skin supporting the claims of “Reduced appearance of dull skin” and “Improved skin radiance”, particularly with prolonged use.

Graph showing the results on the TLS test.


The clinical study demonstrated that the Vibra-Sonic® cleansing brush was able to significantly improve skin parameters associated with blemish improvement, skin texture improvement, skin radiance and translucency.