We have joined the menopause revolution as an official Partner of GenM - the menopause partner for brands.

We're proud to carry the M-tick, the world's first menopause-friendly symbol, across our hero skincare devices.


GenM are on a mission to improve the menopause experience, normalise the conversation, and help stop menopausal women from being overlooked at home, at work and across society. So women can embark without fear on this pivotal time in their lives feeling supported, educated and truly valued.

Armed with GenM’s revolutionary research, we are committing to better serve the 48 symptoms associated with the menopause. In particular, to empower the 15.5 million menopausal people in the UK today to understand and better manage the changes to their skin.


We believe that all skin is beautiful. Lines, blemishes, freckles, pimples - they're what make us unique and make us human. In an industry obsessed with the pursuit of youth and perfection, we’re keeping it real - celebrating real people, real bodies, real skin and real age.

We see skincare as self care and we want to offer solutions, not shame. Our devices are simply tools to help you feel confident in the gorgeous skin you're in.


We’re proud to be partnering with such a pioneering and important movement as GenM, joining other like-minded brands to revolutionise the conversation about the menopause.

We’re committed to improving every aspect of our brand experience from the perspective of a menopausal audience, to better serve and support our customers.

“Joining the GenM revolution is an absolute no-brainer. Menopause is something that will touch every single person - whether they’re experiencing it themselves or know or love someone who is going through it.

It’s time to bring the menopause out of the shadows and make it unashamedly part of the conversation. I’m proud to bring the menopausal perspective to the heart of MAGNITONE, to better support, educate and value our team and our customers.”

Aimie Neighbour
MAGNITONE Head of Brand

emma coleman



The M-Tick is the world’s first independent symbol for menopause-friendly products.

In order to carry the M-Tick products must help relieve, ease, or support at least one of the 48 menopause symptoms or signs.