An independent study was designed to assess the impact on the appearance of facial skin with regular use of MAGNITONE LiftOff® Microcurrent Facial Toning Device, over 4 weeks.

It was clinically proven that LiftOff® significantly firmed skin by up to 47% (average of 26%) with regular use over 4 weeks.


  • Twenty volunteers aged 35 to 60 were recruited. The volunteers had visible signs of ageing on the face, including lines and wrinkles and skin laxity.
  • Instrumental and imaging-based measurements were made, together with volunteers’ self-assessment of the efficacy attributes of the device.
  • Assessments were made after a single use, after 2 weeks and after 4 weeks of regular use.

Skin Elasticity - Cutometer®

A Cutometer® ‘sucks’ the skin, ‘pinching’ it to measure its elasticity. A decrease in elasticity indicates an increase in firmness.

There was a decrease in skin elasticity after the first use of the device, indicating a firming and tightening of the skin. With regular use over 4 weeks, this firming and tightening became statistically significant.

Skin Firmness - Ballistometer

A Ballistometer ‘bounces’ on the skin to measure resistance. An increase in resistance indicates an increase in firmness.

Both the Coefficient of Restitution (CoR) and the amount the probe was able to indent the skin decreased statistically significantly during the study, indicating that skin became firmer with regular use.

The skin was firmer at both week 2 and at week 4 . Based on resistance to indentation, the skin became firmer by 26% after 4 weeks of regular use of the device.


The results from the study demonstrate that using two independent measurements of skin firming (Cutometer® and Ballistometer), which operate using different principles, that regular use of the MAGNITONE LiftOff® device and Superconductive Gel statistically significantly increases skin firmness by an average of 26% over 4 weeks.

A single use of the device caused small improvements in firmness but this was not significant. Regular use is therefore required for best results.

From the results of this study, it is concluded that the MAGNITONE LiftOff® device and Superconductive Gel are able to significantly firm skin by up to 47% (average of 26%) with regular use over 4 weeks.