Get Your Skin Eid-Ready

By Emma Coleman, Magnitone Senior Brand Ambassador, Clinic Director, Aesthetic & Dermatology RGN

April marks the start of warmer weather, blossom, sheep, chocolate and meteor showers, which are more likely to be visible in the skies above us during the fourth month of the year.

The changing of seasons often means a change in the way your skin is behaving, so here are my top tips for marking your April with nourished, glowing skin.



April 9th and 10th commemorate the end of the holy month of Ramadan marked by Eid, a celebration including community prayer, traditional food such as Boeber, Lokum and Biryani, and social time with loved ones. This gives a great focus to get your skin looking its best and Magnitone devices, as always, are here to help. Here is my pre-Eid prep calendar:

  • April 1st – start to apply the Get Lit LED Mask for 10 minutes each evening, selecting Red light for rejuvenation, Blue to balance oily and acne-prone skin or Yellow to calm down inflammation. After using the LED, apply a good hyaluronic acid serum and collagen cream before bed. 
  • April 5th – Take the next step towards brighter, firmer skin by applying a vitamin C serum each morning which also contains Ferulic Acid, an important ingredient which helps the vitamin c to be absorbed and supported by the skin. I recommend introducing the FaceRocket into your daily routine at this stage because it’s so easy to use and contains a range of technologies so there really is something for everyone. You can use the Radiofrequency and Red LED for tightening the skin for instance, the Cryotherapy and Green LED to reduce redness and boost circulation, and even the sonic massage to help absorption of your serum into the skin. Don’t forget your neck too! Continue using the Get Lit LED Mask each evening.
  • April 8th – The day before Eid, take extra time in the morning with your skincare routine and be sure to use all of the technologies the FaceRocket has to offer. This will smooth and hydrate the complexion, whilst sculpting and lifting the skin ready for the celebrations over the coming days. In the evening, apply a gentle exfoliating  face scrub before the LED mask and then apply your serum and night moisturiser as usual. You’ll awake glowing.

Note: If you have active acne it’s a good idea to apply the Blue LED in the Get Lit mask on a daily basis and keep your skincare routine simple – stick to a cleanser, moisturiser with SPF and retinol serum; always avoiding complicated routines and using several products at once.