Step into Spring Skincare

By Emma Coleman, Magnitone Senior Brand Ambassador, Clinic Director, Aesthetic & Dermatology RGN

It’s always important to keep an eye on our skin as it is an organ, but is unique in that it is in direct contact with, and affected by our environment every single day.

The first day of spring is officially  March 20th in the UK and our skin’s needs will change as the weather warms up a bit. We will need  to be more vigilant with sunscreen products for example, as well as antioxidants ingredients in our  skincare and diet, which will help to prevent sun damage.

Spring also heralds the start of allergy  season, which affects skin health and condition. Below are my tips on how to care for your skin as  the season changes: 


A positive way to start your day is with a lovely cleanse. Try the Magnitone WipeOut Cloths which can be used with any cleanser and beautifully are soft and comforting, but also very  effective at removing any residual dirt from the face and neck.

If you prefer a deeper cleanse, try the  Magnitone BareFaced3 Cleansing Brush which uses sonic massage to penetrate deep into those  pores. I like to use mine with the Creamy Cleanser from my range in the mornings.

Once skin is  cleansed, pat dry and apply a Vitamin C serum to help protect the skin from pollutants and allergens. Serums have a low molecular weight for ease of absorption deep into the skin, and you can use the  BareFaced3 to massage your serum into the skin too!

The final step of this skincare routine is to apply  your moisturiser which should contain a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30. 


Remove eye make up with a micellar water if needed. Then swipe off base makeup using a Magnitone WipeOut cloth and plain water – you'll be amazed at how easily these remove dirt and  makeup from the skin.

Now apply a face wash rich in Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids – I like the  Luminosity Face and Body wash from my range for this time of day, as it contains Salicylic and  Glycolic acids to deep cleanse and refine pores. If you are prone to pollen and grass allergies, these  can heighten in the evenings as allergens from the atmosphere settle on the skin’s surface.

To ensure  that the skin is really clean, I recommend a steam at this stage to open pores and ease out any  residual grime and pollen spores. Magnitone’s SteamAhead device is compact, easy to use and will  also hydrate whilst helping to reduce any blackheads on the face and nose. Pat the skin dry and apply a  Hyaluronic Acid serum which your open pores will drink up.

Finish with a night cream which is rich in  Vitamins A and E. You’ll be plump and glowing after this, ready for a rejuvenating night’s sleep.