Dehydrated Skin Hack: Get Fast Results for Dry Skin

By Emma Coleman, Magnitone Senior Brand Ambassador, Clinic Director, Aesthetic & Dermatology RGN

As Senior Brand Ambassador, I have been using the Magnitone devices on my own skin for over a year now and often get asked by my clients in clinic which devices I recommend for specific skin types. At this time of year, skin can become dry and dehydrated due to temperature fluctuations and radiator heat, so I am focusing on this particular issue for the February blog.

What I love about Magnitone devices is that they are so simple to use, not complicated at all, and I have put together this step-by-step guide to achieve plumper, hydrated skin fast using the range.



Apply a Creamy Cleanser to the face in light circles and massage into the skin using the Barefaced3 Cleansing Brush. Rinse the brush immediately after use


Apply your day serum – Vitamin C or Hyaluronic Acid are good options if your skin is dry and dull. Sweep lightly over the face, then grab your Barefaced 3 and change the setting to ToniItUp, which is a massaging programme to push the serum into the skin’s deeper layers at a fast rate. Also feels wonderfully silky on the skin. Rinse the brush again.
Note – you should already be looking glossy and fresh by this stage!


Apply your day moisturiser. This should contain a sunscreen protection factor (SPF), of at least 30 which is suitable for this time of year. Look also for ingredients in your day cream such as Vitamin A and E, which are natural antioxidants, helping to stabilise skin’s pH and maintain a healthy microbiome to help combat dryness. Use the Barefaced 3’s Pulse Lift setting, which helps to tone the skin and improve circulation, leaving a lovely glow. 
Now you are ready to apply makeup (although you might not need any you’ll look so fresh!!). I recommend opting for mineral makeup if your skin is really dry as it’s generally kinder and contains less pomades compared to standard makeup. 



Remove any makeup using plain, tepid or cool water and your Wipe Out Cloth or Pads. Pat skin dry


Apply a thin layer of Superconductive gel all over the face. Select ‘Firm’ Mode on your FaceRocket and apply the device’s Radiofrequency and Red LED light to the skin in small, circular motions. This heats skin’s surface and deeper layers to 42 degrees, improving circulation to detoxify, tighten and purge skin with essential nutrients, whilst encouraging cell turnover. Remove the conductive gel with tepid water and the Wipe Out Cloth. 


Apply your night time serum  - Hyaluronic Acid is a good choice for an over-night hydration boost. Change the FaceRocket setting to COOL, and apply in circular motions to cool skin down, preventing redness or inflammation, whilst adding tone. 


Apply your night cream – look for a moisturiser rich in ceramides to maintain a healthy skin barrier as you sleep.