October is World Menopause Month so we asked our Senior Brand Ambassador, Emma Coleman, to share her tips for skincare during menopause...

Oestrogen levels drop in our blood circulation during menopause, coupled with a drop in oestrogen receptors in the skin. This leads to drier, dehydrated skin with depleted collagen and elastin, reduced skin depth and a likelihood of more wrinkles and lines becoming apparent.

It's really important to use at-home facial technologies to help promote skin health and maintain its firmness, tone and texture which can all become depleted during the menopause.

Here are 5 key signs to look out for and how you can use at-home skincare devices to tackle them:

1. Skin can become drier and more dehydrated

Help skin to absorb serums and moisturisers by using an ultrasonic device. MAGNITONE ScrubUp® in Moisturising mode uses negative ion technology help the skin absorb products deeper below the skin’s surface.

2. Depleted collagen 
3. Depleted elastin
4. More wrinkles and lines become apparent

I would recommend including radiofrequency, microcurrent and red LED Light Therapy to tighten and firm the skin. Each of these technologies stimulate collagen and elastin production as well as increasing blood flow to the surface of the skin. MAGNITONE’s newest launch, FaceRocket®, has all of this covered. It’s a 5-in-1 Facial Firming + Toning Device that’s clinically-proven to improve skin firmness by 29%, dermal density by 35%, and reduce wrinkles by 10% in just 4 weeks. 

5. Susceptibility to adult acne

Supercharge your daily cleansing routine with the BareFaced3 Vibra-Sonic® Cleansing Brush, clinically proven to optimise skin radiance after one use. The Vibra-Sonic® technology ‘wobbles’ dirt out of pores giving that extra deep clean, while the silicone bristles are gentle enough for delicate and sensitive skin. BareFaced3 also has a massage mode which can be used to massage serums deeper into the skin, the perfect pre-bedtime ritual.

The GetLit® LED face mask is also a perfect solution for changing skin. LED is clinically proven to positively impact skin and, with 3 different light colours to choose from, GetLit® can help with; red light increases cell turnover and skin rejuvenation; blue light balances surface bacteria; yellow light reduces inflammation.


For more information and insight on skin and menopause, check out the recording of our Instagram Live with Emma Coleman and founder of Pura Collagen, Jennifer Mo.