BareFaced2: the ultimate cleansing brush!

Beauty experts and influencers alike say you haven’t cleansed properly until you’ve used a cleansing brush. And our MAGNITONE BareFaced2 Vibra-Sonic™ Cleansing and Toning Brush takes this to a new level with the ultimate deep-cleansing brush. Is it time to supercharge your skincare routine and give your face a full workout?

What is the BareFaced2 cleansing and toning brush? 

This handheld cleansing and toning brush with Vibra-Sonic™ technology has 13,000 movements per minute. Every single wobble helps to unleash impurities from your pores.

Whether you’re self-conscious of your skin or you just love face treatments, this cleansing brush helps you to celebrate your natural beauty. It comes with two heads - either FeatherSoft for cleansing sensitive skin or PoreFect to give your skin a really deep cleanse, and the ToneItUp silicone head for massage.

BareFaced2 gives you three settings - cleanse, deep cleanse and tone. The brush bristles have been treated with a cutting-edge antibacterial protection, Biomaster™️ which uses silver ions. And the stand makes it super easy to store on a small bathroom shelf, away from contaminating surfaces. But the best bit of all is that it’s completely waterproof, so you can take it with you in the shower and in the bath, whether you’re at home or on holiday. The magnetic USB touch charger makes it easy to charge up, wherever you are in the world.

MAGNITONE London BareFaced2 Vibra Sonic Cleansing & toning Brush with magnetic USB charger

Why use a cleansing brush? 

Firstly, let’s debunk a few myths. A cleansing brush won’t irritate your skin if you prep properly and remove all your makeup before you use the device. It also won’t spread bacteria around your face if you’ve cleaned your brush head after use. And it can be used on sensitive skin. Our FeatherSoft cleansing head has a gentle, soothing feel. The toning head is great for problematic skin, whether you’re dealing with acne or hormonal changes.

Using a cleansing brush gives you SIX times better results than cleansing by hand, which you’ve got to admit is pretty impressive stuff. It’s the difference between using a toothbrush and an electric toothbrush. The high-intensity vibrations give your skin a full workout and the bristles penetrate into your pores to get rid of debris, oil and dirt. Adding a cleansing brush to your skin routine helps you keep your complexion looking fresh and bright. 

MAGNITONE London BareFaced2 Vibra Sonic Cleansing & toning Brush use in the shower with any cleanser

How do you use a cleansing and toning brush?

Make sure your brush is charged up ready to go. Remove any makeup and add your favourite skin serum (any type) or water to your brush head. Switch on the BareFaced2 cleansing and toning brush and try all three different rotational modes for different cleansing experiences. And if you hover in one area too long, it’ll beep and tell you to keep moving!

Let’s talk brush heads. The FeatherSoft is for sensitive skin or a standard cleanse, while the PoreFect head is designed to give you a more intense deep cleanse. Each one gives your skin a different type of workout. Think HIIT compared to circuit training. One is a great workout, and another is a high-intensity workout. Once you get all those pores wobbling regularly, your skin will look radiant.

MAGNITONE London BareFaced2 Vibra Sonic Cleansing & toning Brush in Shower Caddy

Cleansing brushes are continually trending in the beauty world, due to their unbeatable ability to deep cleanse and tone your skin. So, why not give it some of your own barefaced cheek by treating yourself or someone special to the latest model of our cleansing and toning brush? When you take care of your skin, it will take care of you, so why not treat your face to the ultimate skin gym workout? Change your skincare game today.


Level up your skincare routine with our MAGNITONE BareFaced2 Vibra-Sonic™ Cleansing and Toning Brush.


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