Top Christmas Gifts for Every Budget

It’s always a challenge thinking up new ideas and finding different Christmas gifts year after year. But at MAGNITONE, our range has a collection for everyone. Here’s our festive gift guide for every level of budget to help you with your Christmas shopping mission this year.

Gifts for Under £30

Let’s start with two absolute bathroom essentials for any skincare routine – a facial steamer and a quality mirror:
Every good facial starts with a gentle steam and the SteamAhead certainly does not disappoint. Due to its deionized micro-steam particles, this facial steamer can unclog your pores in 10 minutes and has been designed for daily use. It’s also a winter essential for decongesting poorly sinuses. Just add an essential oil to switch up your relaxation level. Choose this gift to give someone special the spa treatment in the comfort of their own home.
Illuminate your face with natural light and add a 10x magnifying attachment for perfect makeup application, pore exfoliation or hair removal. You can also dim the lights and tilt the mirror by 180 degrees. USB rechargeable with 5 hours of charge, this shatterproof mirror offers wireless use for anyone who’s always on the move. If you’re buying a gift for someone who travels a lot or has a small bathroom, the LightUp LED mirror is a must-have item.

Gifts for Under £50

Let’s move onto some gift choices which will bring a smile to your loved one’s faces:
Give skin the ultimate boost with this makeup removal and blemish control pack-in-one. WipeOut - you have to experience these amazing microfibre cloths to fully understand their magic. They have the ability to wipe away a full face of makeup without any cleanser – just use warm water. First Step is a daily cleansing brush that keeps skin impurities in check to give your face a fresh, clean look. Compact and travel friendly, when combined with the WipeOut cloths, you have the perfect gift pack for those who enjoy travel or staycations.
Join our waste revolution and say goodbye to single-use cotton pads and face wipes with our WipeOut Christmas Cracker Duos. We really love these festive stocking fillers. A great gift idea for daughters, mothers, aunts, sisters and brothers around the world, these crackers contain our microfibre WipeOut cleansing cloths and SWIPES makeup remover pads. No cleanser required and able to tackle the most stubborn Christmas party makeup, as well as being machine washable, you’ll be doing your bit for the planet too - what’s not to love?

Gifts for Under £100

Breaking news! There’s an extra bonus for this selection because both items currently have 1/3 off their retail price, if you buy exclusively through our website. Let’s get the lowdown…
This non-invasive beauty device gives your face a thorough workout in just 5 minutes. The microcurrent technology uses small pulses of electricity to enhance circulation around your skin cells and facial muscles. Think of this as a face massage to lift and plump up your skin for a more youthful look. Ideal for tackling fine lines and wrinkles, this is an essential piece of beauty kit used in professional salons. Treat someone special or why not treat yourself?
Supercharge someone’s skincare routine with the ultimate cleansing collection. This exclusive gift pack includes our amazing microfibre WipeOut cleansing cloths, SWIPES makeup remover pads and our BareFaced2 cleansing and toning brush. Choose between white and rose gold or pink and rose gold. This collection comes with a 2-pack of FeatherSoft brush heads for a gentle cleanse and a 2-pack of PoreFect brush heads for deep exfoliation. Everything you need to cleanse and tone your skin to keep it shipshape.
MAGNITONE collections have a gift for every budget - happy shopping!