SteamAhead – Star Gift of The Season

There’s a reason that leading high-street retailer Boots announced our SteamAhead Hydrating Micro Steamer as their Star Gift of 2021! This essential piece of beauty kit will bring the feel of the spa into the comfort of your own home. As seen in Vogue magazine, this is quite possibly the “best budget facial steamer” on the market. Let’s get the lowdown…

Benefits of facial steaming

Facial steaming is a tried and trusted way to prepare your skin before a facial treatment. Warm steam helps to loosen your pores and dislodge any impurities, giving your skin a great base for deep cleansing and exfoliation. Gentle steam also helps to rehydrate your skin, which is essential in colder months when you’re switching from outdoor weather conditions to indoor central heating systems. Steaming regularly will help you look after your skin. 

SteamAhead – Star Gift of The Season | MAGNITONE

Another popular use for a facial steamer is to clear congestion when you’re suffering with a cold or flu. Steam is often recommended by doctors as a simple way of clearing congested sinuses. Combined with essential oils, the steam action can be a powerful way to alleviate the effects of bugs and viruses. Just go easy on the oils, a few drops can go a long way…

How it works

The SteamAhead Hydrating Micro Steamer primes your skin by using deionized micro-steam particles to purge your pores. First, remove any makeup using our WipeOut microfibre cloths (no cleanser required). Next, fill the supplied measuring cup with water up to the 40ml line. We recommend using filtered water for even better results. At this stage, you could also add a few drops of essential oil. Rose is a top choice for facials and Eucalyptus is great for colds. 

Fit the facial funnel to the base and lock into place. Then just switch it on by holding the ON/OFF button to kickstart the steam. Once it gets going, the steam will last 10 minutes and if it's your first time, we recommend using for 5 minutes to give your skin time to adjust. And just turn the vents to adjust your preferred level of steam. It’s that simple! Swap over to the nose funnel for precision steam inhalation for blackheads, whiteheads or congested sinuses.

SteamAhead – Star Gift of The Season | MAGNITONE

Our tip: use for 5 minutes on dry or dehydrated skin, 8 minutes for combination skin and 10 minutes for oily skin. Afterwards, wait 5 minutes and then splash cold water over your face. 

Perfect gift and amazing value

Available in here, Boots, Holland & Barrett, lookfantastic and stores nationwide, SteamAhead is the gift that will keep on giving for years to come. It’s easy to assemble and dismantle, and due to its compact size, storage poses no problems even in the smallest of living spaces.

SteamAhead – Star Gift of The Season | MAGNITONE

Suitable for any skin type and with various practical uses, SteamAhead is an essential piece of beauty kit for every home. With a retail price under £30 in most outlets, this item offers incredible value and will make someone special very happy this Christmas!

Give someone the star spa treatment with our MAGNITONE SteamAhead Hydrating Micro Steamer.