What serums should you use with ScrubUp?

In our last blog, we gave you the lowdown on serums. So, this time we’re sharing the best serums to use with our ScrubUp 3-in-1 Pore Scrubber and Infuser. This must-have beauty tool uses ultrasonic and ion technology to keep your skin looking clean, lifted and toned.

What is an Ultrasonic Facial?

Ultrasonic waves are sound waves that are beyond our top range of hearing. These high-frequency waves give your skin a workout beneath the top layers of your skin and facial muscles. Ultrasonic waves stimulate collagen, which is a protein that gives your skin elasticity, lifting and toning your skin to make it much more supple and youthful.

Your skin has a natural barrier with oils called lipids and ultrasonic waves disrupt this barrier. So, when you use an ultrasonic pore scrubber with your fave serum and moisturiser, you can penetrate deep into your skin to infuse powerful ingredients. You’ll also boost your blood circulation, giving you a radiant glow after use.

Our popular ScrubUp Pore Scrubber and Infuser is the ultimate at-home ultrasonic facial. All you need to do is choose your favourite serum and moisturiser. And then get ready to infuse!

PraNatural Serums + ScrubUp

Serums have different benefits for your skin, and they will match different ScrubUp modes. The PraNaturals Skin Perfector Serum Kit contains three intensive, anti-ageing facial serums that work in perfect harmony with the ScrubUp 3-in-1 Pore Scrubber and Infuser. Before use, make sure your device is fully charged and only use on wet or moisturised skin.

  • Cleansing

    No serum! Yes, when you’re deep cleansing all you need is water. So wet your skin and switch on your ScrubUp, choosing Cleansing mode. Using the edge of the spatula, gently glide the device across your skin, avoiding your eyes and lips. Don’t go over the same area more than twice.

  • Moisturising

    Want your skin to look more youthful and radiant? Choose PraNaturals Vitamin C serum for increased radiance. Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant that helps to produce collagen. Use this serum in the morning and this will help to repair damaged or prematurely aged skin.

    After cleansing, apply the serum to your face and seal in with your favourite moisturiser. Use ScrubUp to infuse the powerful benefits of the serum. Switch on the device and hold until you’ve selected the Moisturising mode. This time, using the flat side of the spatula, glide gently across your face.

    Want your skin to feel plumper and more hydrated? Choose PraNaturals Hyaluronic Acid for greater hydration. Hyaluronic Acid is a gentle yet powerful natural substance that locks in water molecules. Use this serum after the Vitamin C serum in the morning to seriously hydrate your skin.

    As above, apply after cleansing, lock in with your moisturiser, select the Moisturising mode and use the flat side of the spatula to infuse all that goodness. Clean the spatula after use.

  • Lifting

    Want to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles? The PraNaturals Retinol serum is your bedtime anti-ageing antidote. Retinol is derived from Vitamin A, which is famed for its anti-ageing properties. This night-time serum will help your skin appear soft, smooth and more supple.

Cleanse your skin before you go to bed and apply the serum. Then apply your moisturiser to lock in all those powerful ingredients. Switch your ScrubUp to Lifting mode and you’ll notice the pulse rate change. Using the flat head of the spatula, gently glide across your skin. When you’re done, switch off your ScrubUp by holding the button down, clean the spatula and then sleep tight…

PraNaturals Skin Perfector serums have been formulated by skincare experts and are a perfect match for our ScrubUp 3-in-1 Pore Scrubber and Infuser. Watch out for the MAGNITONE combined skincare kit coming soon…

Level up your skincare routine with PraNaturals serums + MAGNITONE ScrubUp 3-in-1 Pore Scrubber and Infuser