Give your skin an XOXO

Great cleansing skincare devices do not have to be the reserve of the rich and famous. Give your skin an XOXO radiant glow with our affordable facial cleansing brush. Let’s get the lowdown on this low-cost beauty gadget and our new Rinse + Repeat Cleansing Duo. You can now upgrade + save when you buy this essential daily skincare set.


Budget-friendly 3-in-1 Facial Cleansing Brush

Small and cute yet powerful and mighty, the XOXO Micro-Sonic SoftTouch Silicone Cleansing Brush is your go-to beauty tool. Both budget and travel friendly, this device is USB rechargeable and 100% waterproof, perfect for daily bathing and for taking on your travels.


Give your skin an XOXO – Affordable Cleansing Brush | MAGNITONE

Made from naturally antibacterial PurO Silicone and powered using Micro-Sonic technology, the XOXO is a super-soft cleansing brush. And the best bit of all is the fact that this skincare device also has the ability to give your skin a gentle massage to help loosen those clogged pores. Using up to 8,000 Micro-Sonic pulsations per min, this beauty tool will help you get rid of any impurities. Switch between Gentle Cleanse, Deep Cleanse and Massage mode. 

Give your skin an XOXO – Affordable Cleansing Brush | MAGNITONE


XOXO Rinse & Repeat Cleansing Duo

Even though our popular silicone cleansing brush is a top seller, we’ve thought of an extra way to boost your skincare routine. Take your cleansing to the next level with the XOXO Rinse + Repeat Cleansing Duo set for a super-affordable exclusive website price that will surprise you. Nowadays, you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy fabulous skin.

Complete with our amazing reusable microfibre WipeOut cloths, this super skincare combo will give you a full daily cleanse to leave your skin feeling radiant. Wipe away makeup and impurities with water alone – no cleansing lotions required! The microfibres have the ability to grab hold of makeup particles, leaving your skin clear and free from any smears. Then, use the XOXO facial cleansing brush to deep-cleanse those pores for bright and fresh skin.

Eco-friendly skincare

The MAGNITONE team are mindful about our environmental impact. And we think our XOXO Rinse + Repeat Cleansing Duo could just be our number one eco-friendly gift set. Our WipeOut cloths are popular with bloggers and customers alike. With just a little warm water, these incredible cloths will wipe away even the most stubborn makeup. When you want to give them a clean, add to your laundry and wash at 30 degrees. Zero waste!


Give your skin an XOXO – Affordable Cleansing Brush | MAGNITONE

When it comes to our cleansing brush, NO replaceable parts are required! Once fully charged the XOXO will give you a month’s worth of skincare bliss, making it ideal for home and holiday use. Combined with a pack of WipeOuts, you won’t even have to pack a liquid cleanser when you go on your travels. This must-have combo will become your best friend.


Give your skin an XOXO – Affordable Cleansing Brush | MAGNITONE


WipeOut daily grime and give your skin the XOXO treatment with our 3-in-1 cleansing brush set. Perfect for a bestie’s, sister’s or your mum’s birthday, or why not treat yourself instead?

Switch up your skincare routine with our MAGNITONE XOXO Rinse + Repeat Cleansing Duo