How to use a massage gun to treat back pain

Do you regularly suffer from back pain? Did you know that a massage gun could give you a great treatment option in the comfort of your own home, whenever you need it? We look at how you can use a massage gun to treat tight back muscles, so you can enjoy some relief.

Firstly, if you’ve injured your back, then it’s important to get this checked out by your GP or a physio before you use a massage gun. But if you’re looking for a simple way to relieve muscle tightness on an ongoing basis, then look no further than our BeatIt Deep Tissue Massage Gun. Let’s look at the different massage treatment techniques you can try…

Lower back massage

Do you have a deskbound job? Whether you’re working from home or stuck in an office, being sat behind a desk all day does terrible things to your back muscles. Ever noticed how you slump towards your laptop or desktop computer? Well, that position places incredible pressure on your lower spine, and over time, your back muscles can start to ache.

Depending on the intensity of massage you need, use the BeatIt Flat Head or Sphere Head and start with a medium pressure. Moving across your hip muscles towards your spine, use short strokes at first, spending only 10 seconds on each area. Then, move the massage gun up and along the muscle fibres. If you want a less intensive massage, move the BeatIt! across a wider area, working up and around the base of your spine using gentle movements. 

How to use a massage gun to treat lower back pain | MAGNITONE

Upper back massage

Do you spend your day standing for long periods? Maybe you do a lot of lifting and carrying? When you stand for too long or place too much weight burden on the top half of your body, your upper back muscles may start to ache. So, how can you target this area?

How to use a massage gun to treat back pain | MAGNITONE

You could either use the Flat or Sphere Head, which has been designed for sensitive spots, or the Bullet Head for a more intensive massage. First, warm up this area by placing the massage gun over your shoulder and below your neck muscles. Gently work this area by making short strokes across the muscle fibres for 30 seconds using 10 second intervals. 

How to use a massage gun to treat back and shoulder pain | MAGNITONE

You can the finish off this massage by returning to the area below your neck and shoulder line, as above, directing the massage gun up and down using short strokes along the muscle fibres. You can use this technique alone if you just want a relaxing upper back massage.

Back pain can become the bane of people’s lives. But with our BeatIt Deep Tissue Massage Gun, you can keep pain at bay. With four heads to choose from and a powerful six-speed motor, you can match the different pressures to your pain level. This handy massage gun is compact and USB rechargeable, so you can always keep this essential piece of kit with you.

BeatIt gives you the ability to customise your treatment and target stiff back pain in the comfort of your own home. Imagine having your own personal masseuse always at hand whenever you need a massage? It’s time to BeatIt!

Target back pain at home with the MAGNITONE BeatIt Deep Tissue Massage Gun