Unleash the PorePatrol! Vacuum those pores…

Blackhead removal and congested pores have a new enemy in town. Meet PorePatrol! This hand-held beauty tool releases the dirt and grime stuck within your skin that causes blackheads by vacuuming congested pores. Is it time to do battle with your skin?

What is a pore vacuum?

Whether you’re a young soul or young at heart, oily or combination skin types cause your skin’s natural sebum to build-up, resulting in blackheads and breakouts. A pore vacuum tool encourages bacteria lurking within your pores to come to the surface. Using different sized heads and suction levels, this device extracts impurities, leaving you with clearer skin.

How it works

Let’s give a firm salute to the MAGNITONE PorePatrol skin renewing pore extraction system. This amazing tool can help you get rid of those pesky, oily pores and blackheads for cleaner looking skin. Although this beauty device has been designed for young, oily or combination complexions, it can also be used on sensitive skin with its own special head. Charge your device (USB connection) and get ready for some serious pore extraction.

Remove any makeup and make sure your face is nice and clean. Steam your face gently using our SteamAhead device or apply a warm cloth for at least 5 – 10 minutes to loosen the sebum in your pores. Choose between five different heads and match the right one to your skin type. Place the head onto the device and hit the power button. You’re ready to go!

Our tip: start with the large PurO™ silicone head, which can be used on all skin types, but has been specially designed for sensitive skin. Once you get the hang of using this head, you can move to one with greater suction.

Using your pore extraction device, gently glide in one direction across your face. Don’t glide over the same area twice in case of skin irritation. You can move through five different suction intensity levels and the last mode switches off your device. 

Do’s & don’ts

Here’s a simple checklist to ensure you get the best out of your PorePatrol:

  • Do check the head you need for your skin type or condition. 
  • Do clean the sponge filter with soapy water once in a while.
  • Do use it once a week to enjoy optimum skin effects.

  • Don’t give yourself a hickey! Never hold in one spot for more than 2 seconds (do be careful!).
  • Don’t use on broken skin or conditions such as rosacea. 
  • Don’t use on acne.

Pore vacuums are rated highly by influencers and beauty experts across the planet because they help you purify your skin for a cleaner and fresher complexion. And we could talk forever about why our skin renewing pore extraction system really is the bee’s knees. So, why not try out this essential beauty tool for yourself? The battlelines have been drawn…

Combat blackheads for clearer skin with our  MAGNITONE PorePatrol.