Do pore vacuums really work?

Thinking of using a pore vacuum, but you’re not exactly sure whether this device really works? The short answer is YES it will! But what exactly is a pore vacuum and why does it work? We decided to tackle this question head on and dispel a few myths along the way.

How does pore vacuuming work?

Pore vacuuming uses the power of suction to clear your skin of impurities and has become a global trend over the past few years. Hand-held pore vacuum devices, such as our own PorePatrol, come with a range of different sized heads which you match to your skin type. Simple! These heads range from a starter level for sensitive skin, right up to a high-suction head for oily complexions and for attacking things like cosmetic residues lurking within.

Pore vacuum myth-busting

Here are a few common myths people associate with pore vacuums:

  • Pore vacuuming is NOT the same as microdermabrasion, which has a special microderm or crystal head. It’s purely a deep suction, beauty device designed to help you remove blackheads, whiteheads and clear congested pores.
  • A pore vacuum gets rid of acne. This beauty tool is NOT suitable for acne and deep-rooted pimples, as these skin conditions benefit more from other treatments, and in some cases, medication.
  • Pore vacuuming will leave me with red marks like a hickey! If you follow the instructions and make sure you keep moving the device continuously across your face, you won’t irritate your skin.

Is pore vacuuming safe?

Yes, as long as you follow the instructions. You’re in control at all times. When it comes to the different vacuum modes, you set the suction intensity level. And you can quickly switch off the device by moving through each mode. If you don’t let the device linger on your skin for more than 2 seconds, you shouldn’t experience any discomfort or redness.

There are certain skin conditions which may be irritated by pore vacuuming. If you have sensitive skin, simply test the device out first on a small patch of skin. Start with the large PurO™ silicone head, which has been designed for sensitive skin, and stick to suction level 1. Once you get the hang of using this head, you can switch up the heads and suction.

What the experts say

Dermatologists agree that pore vacuuming can help to reduce blackheads. But what exactly are blackheads? They are open hair follicles. Impurities get stuck inside, which go on to oxidise and this is why the blackhead appears dark - another term is a “keratin plug”. It’s much gentler on your skin to use a pore extraction device like our MAGNITONE PorePatrol, instead of the old-fashioned (and painful!) blackhead squeezing rituals of yesteryear. 

The best way to prepare for a pore vacuum is to use our facial steamer, SteamAhead. The gentle steam will help to open your pores, making it easier to lift those irritating keratin plugs.

Although technically speaking, your pores don’t really open, they loosen up. And then you will enjoy the maximum impact from your pore vacuum to suck out all that dirt and grime! 

Combat blackheads for clearer skin with our MAGNITONE PorePatrol.