Our Senior Brand Ambassador, Emma Coleman, gives her top tips to protect your skin this Summer with MAGNITONE skincare devices...

"We all love the sun, but whatever your age it’s always important to remember to protect and give the skin some extra love if we are going to be exposed to UV light. This will prevent signs of accelerated ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and loss of skin elasticity. The MAGNITONE range of devices has many options for helping to preserve skin health at cellular level, and are easy to include in any skincare routine in warmer months of the year. 

For mornings, I recommend combining the BareFaced3 with a creamy cleanser or face wash. I love this cleansing brush device as it not only has really gentle bristles which are antibacterial, but also has a massaging, toning head to use with serum application. Heavenly! After cleansing, I recommend using a Vitamin C serum with the BareFaced3 toning head, then applying SPF 50 and your morning routine is done.

Model holding BareFaced3 to her cheek
Sunscreen and heat attract a lot of grit, dirt and grease to skin’s surface. Once the sun is going down, the skin will definitely need a deep cleanse, and I  recommend putting together a mini evening facial using the MAGNITONE ScrubUp® Ultrasonic Device and GetLit® LED Mask as part of your evening routine.

1. After cleansing with your favourite product, leave the skin damp and apply the ScrubUp®  as it is capable of physically extracting the pores on the face and neck, giving a squeaky clean, blank canvas. 

2. Your evening serum such as retinol or hyaluronic acid can then be infused into the skin using ScrubUp® .

3. Pop on the GetLit® LED Mask on a red or yellow setting to either brighten the skin or reduce any inflammation respectively. This will help to hydrate, rejuvenate and reduce dark spots. 

UV exposure is clinically proven to increase skin laxity and wrinkle formation over time, and using the LiftOff® Microcurrent Toning Device 3 evenings each week pre-bed is a great way to tighten up the lower and mid- face, whilst easing tension around the eyes, mouth and frown areas."

Model holding LiftOff device to her cheek.

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