Introducing the ultimate massage gun: BeatIt!

Say goodbye to stress and stiff muscles with the ultimate deep tissue massage gun, BeatIt! This handheld massage device will help you unwind and relax after a busy day. With four heads for different treatment options, enjoy a gentle all-over massage or target a tight spot.

Complete your home spa relaxation

Everyone needs a bit of ‘me time’ sometimes, and the MAGNITONE BeatIt Deep Tissue Massage Gun gives you the chance to enjoy some quality time in the comfort of your own home. Powered by a six-speed motor, you can choose different pressure levels to either suit your mood or your treatment needs. And as this device is USB rechargeable, compact and comes with a handy travel pouch, you can easily take this massage gun on the road!

Relax and relieve muscle tension

Cute yet powerful, this device has four heads for fully customisable treatments. Let’s look closer at the interchangeable heads…


  • Flat Head for an all-over massage

    This is a great head to start off with as it suits all areas of the body. When you want a straightforward, all-over massage, this head will distribute a medium level of pressure, making it an ideal choice for a massage after a stressful day.


  • Sphere Head for sensitive spots

    Whether you’re a sensitive soul or you want to treat certain areas that need to be handled gently, the sphere-shaped head will give you a soft and gentle massage. This head is ideal for massaging your neck and spine or thighs and bum.


  • U Shaped Head for precision

    You know when you get a really tight neck or an annoying tense muscle? Well, this u-shaped head gives you the ability to target that tricky area with super precision! And if you’re a runner, this head is also great for tackling a stressed Achilles tendon too. 


  • Bullet Head for deep tissue massage

    When you need a more intense, focused massage, this bullet-shaped head will give you the ultimate experience. You can target large muscle groups like thighs and get relief, when your body needs it the most. The perfect head for post-gym recovery!


Do massage guns really work?

Yes! Called “percussive therapy”, all that jiggling and pounding creates movement around your muscles, which increases the blood flow to the areas you are treating. This helps to reduce any soreness or inflammation you might be feeling in a particular part of your body. 

With the BeatIt massage gun, simply select your preferred head and switch the device on, holding down to move up the different pressure levels. Start with a gentle pressure and a soft head until you’re used to the device, then experiment with the different massage heads. Begin by focusing on a particular muscle group for around 15 – 30 seconds, then move on. Once your body is warmed up, you can choose a more intense level of pressure. 

Massage guns are great for muscle recovery, especially after you’ve been exercising. It’s best to wait until you’ve released all the lactic acid and toxins before massaging. A few post-workout stretches usually helps. Use as part of your wind down process to relieve any tight muscles or to complement a yoga session. DON’T use on a strain or sprain, as you’ll need to heal before massaging, and speak to your doctor first if you have high blood pressure.

Whether you just need to wind away daily stresses or you want to enjoy some pamper time, with this must-have tool you can easily BeatIt!

Complete your home spa and relieve muscle tension with our MAGNITONE BeatIt!