Introducing the new + improved epilator: Pluck It 2

Looking for longer lasting hair removal? Sick of the gloopy mess of waxing or short-lived results of shaving? Pluck It 2 is our new and improved epilator. This compact device is a savvier way to remove hair, pulling quickly and neatly at the root for beautifully smooth results that will last.

A better way to remove hair

There’s an epilator and then there’s a Pluck It 2 Super Glide Compact Epilator. What’s the hype?

  • Two heads

Two interchangeable heads make this ideal for use on all different areas of the body. A Precision Head is ideal for smaller areas like the underarms and bikini line, whilst a Regular Head is perfect for larger areas like the legs and arms.

MAGNITONE Pluck It 2 Compact Epilator Precision Head for bikini line + Regular Head for larger areas

  • Two speeds

Two different speed settings have also been cleverly integrated, putting the control in your hands. A slower and more gentle epilation is perfect for new users, whilst the faster setting is more time efficient.

  • One travel pouch 

It’s USB rechargeable and comes with a handy pouch so that you can slip this easily into luggage when on your travels.



Why is Pluck It 2 an essential?

The Pluck It 2 compact epilator is an alternative to the mess of waxing and lasts for far longer than shaving. The hair is plucked from the root, which takes longer to grow back and means smooth skin that can last for up to 4 weeks (obviously this varies from person to person). This also disrupts the hair follicles, meaning that hair will grow back less dense and with a finer texture. Unlike ordinary epilators, the two interchangeable heads on Pluck It 2 also mean that you can target certain areas with even more precision.

MAGNITONE Pluck It 2 Super Glide Compact Epilator being used on leg

How does epilation actually work?

Epilation still feels like a bit of a mystery for some and can seem daunting, especially if you’re used to the pain-free but short-lived results of the razor.

Firstly, know that unlike shaving or waxing, no preparation work is needed to epilate (just make sure the hair is at least 2 mm). Pluck It 2 is designed to be used on dry, clean skin that’s free from creams and oils. Simply switch the device on and rotating tweezer discs on a spinning wheel will catch multiple hairs in one go. It works like tweezers, plucking the hairs from the root in a quick and clean way, meaning that it will take much longer to grow back.

Diagram showing how epilating works vs waxing and hair removal creams | MAGNITONE Pluck It 2 Compact Epilator

Not only do the results last longer but they are actually more effective to boot. For instance, shaving and hair removal creams only remove the surface level hairs, whilst waxing will press hairs flat which makes them harder and more painful to lift. With regular use, epilating also becomes less painful, with minimum effect on the skin which is ideal for those with sensitivity.

Simply glide in an upward motion against the direction that the hairs are growing and voila, you’re all set!

Pluck It 2 puts more power into your hands, with its two handy speeds and interchangeable blades that target different areas with precision. The exciting news is, it’s available now in store and online at Boots!

Shop Pluck It 2 today.