Epilating - what's all the fuss about?

Tired of shaving every day? CBA to get the waxing pot out? Can't afford the salon right now? It's time to start epilating!

Epilating is a highly effective hair removal process. It simply and cleanly removes hair by the root, providing long-lasting results that on average, can last for up to four weeks (differing from person to person). The hair that does grow back is often much softer, meaning there is less to remove after your first few sessions. It’s a great alternative to other hair removal methods, like waxing, shaving and creams.

Diagram of hair follicle showing the level where hair is removed using different hair removal methods. Shaving and creams remove hair to the skin's surface and waxing and epilating remove the hair from the root below the skin's surface.

Why does epilating work?

An electronic epilating device, such as our new PluckIt 2, uses rotating tweezer discs on a spinning wheel to mechanically grasp hairs simultaneously, pulling them out by the root in an easy swipe. The way the hairs are pulled out from the root is similar to waxing but in a far less messy way.

Short GIF video of woman using Pluck It 2 on her underarm

Long-term use of epilators also disrupts the hair follicles, meaning that hair will grow back less dense and with a finer texture.

All you need to do is then glide the device in an upward motion against the direction that the hairs are growing. Voila! Say hello to silky smooth skin.

Why should you epilate?

Longer lasting results

By plucking from the root, the results from epilating can last for up to four weeks (depending on how fast your hair grows). As the hair grows back at different natural rates, this means that there will be less to remove when you come to use it again.

Hairs grow back less noticeably

Epilators won’t typically cause stubble. As the hairs are removed from the root, they actually grow back far softer to the touch and with much narrower tips, unlike hair shaved with a razor. This also means the finer hair is easier and less painful to remove when you use the device again.

Most efficient hair removal method

Epilating is far less messy than other hair removal methods like shaving and waxing. You also don’t have to get into the bath or shower, or wait for the waxing pot to heat up. Epilators work like tweezers and pluck the hairs from the root without any of the sticky mess and fuss.

Cost efficient

Epilating is a one time investment, meaning it works out far cheaper than waxing at a salon or buying razors and wax to use at home.

For the whole body

Epilating can be used all over the body, from larger areas like the legs and arms, to smaller and more sensitive areas like underarms and your bikini line. Just avoid the face.

Why is Pluck It 2 the best epilator?

There are multiple epilators to choose from out on the market, all essentially doing the same job. However, nothing was ever made equal.

PluckIt 2 is our new and improved device with many more features for the smoothest hair removal process yet.

It features two interchangeable heads; a Precision Head is ideal for smaller areas like the underarms and bikini line, whilst a Regular Head is perfect for larger areas like the legs and arms.

Image showing the Pluck It 2 with both the Regular Head being used on the legs and Precision Head being used on the bikini line

Two different speed settings meanwhile, mean that you can choose from a slower and more gentle epilation which is perfect for new users or a faster setting which is more time efficient.

It’s also super efficient and travel friendly. It’s USB rechargeable and comes with a handy pouch so that you can slip this easily into luggage when on your travels.

Shop PluckIt 2 now. Also available in store and online at Boots.