Dermaplaning FAQs; Will my hair grow back darker?

One of the most common dermaplaning FAQs we’re asked is “will my hair grow back darker or thicker”. So, we thought we’d dispel any dermaplaning myths and tackle this frequently asked question head on by explaining exactly how it all works and affects your facial hair.

What is dermaplaning?

It’s a non-invasive beauty treatment that uses an exfoliation blade to skim away dead skin cells and fine facial hair known as peach fuzz. The result: fresher, brighter and smoother skin.  Dermaplaning gives better results than using exfoliation scrubs because these tend to cause micro-tears in the skin’s surface. And they do not remove all of the dead skin cells, which is the top benefit of dermaplaning. See our blog  Why your skin will love dermaplaning.

Will my hair grow back darker?

Let’s set the record straight here with a simple NO. It’s a myth that your facial hair will become either thicker or darker after dermaplaning. It just isn’t possible for your hair to do this, as dermaplaning is a non-invasive exfoliating treatment. The hair will grow back, but it won’t change colour or thickness. And new skin cells will grow which will eventually become dead skin cells. But this can all be solved with a quick and regular treatment within minutes. 

The only time a person’s hair can change colour or thickness is as a result of hormonal changes or an imbalance. For example, some women have seen their hair thicken due to menopause. But whether you shave or use a dermaplaning tool, your facial hair should regrow exactly the same as it did previously.




Is dermaplaning safe?

Yes! As a non-invasive, painless treatment, the only thing you need to avoid is pressing too hard with the blade or going over the same area of skin too many times. Use one hand for the device and the other to keep your skin nice and taut using feather-like strokes. And if you do happen to irritate your skin, just let it recover and breathe overnight, free from any moisturisers. No chemicals are used, and you will be completely in control at all times.

How often should I do it?

Beauty experts recommend a fortnightly treatment, and if you’re using our MAGNITONE DermaQueen Vibra-Sonic™ Facial Hair Removal & Dermaplane Exfoliator, then stick to two treatments per razor head. Just 5 minutes of dermaplaning is all it takes to give you results. 

There are lots of reasons why dermaplaning is great for your skin. Regular exfoliation will rejuvenate your skin for a fresher complexion. Dead skin cells are very dry, so they don’t hold products well. Dermaplaning helps your makeup to stay in place better and for longer, too. So, go and be a DermaQueen (or King for the day) with our #NoFilterSkincare products.

Give your skin the royal treatment with our MAGNITONE  DermaQueen Vibra-Sonic™ Facial Hair Removal & Dermaplane Exfoliator.


Thanks for reading! 

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