What Are the Best Skincare Devices to Treat Acne?

Do you suffer from acne? MAGNITONE has a range of handy beauty tools to help you manage acne and skin breakouts. June is Acne Awareness Month, so we're asking, what are the best skincare devices to treat acne? This guide is to help you look after problematic skin and should not be treated as medical advice. Always check any skin condition with your GP or health provider. 

What is acne?

Acne causes spots and oily patches on your skin. It’s a common condition that can affect your face, back and even your chest. Typically, this is a breakout of spots that can vary in appearance. You can control severe acne with medication. But some of the over-the-encounter acne products can irritate your skin, such as retinol and benzoyl peroxide. However, there are some recommended approaches to help you avoid major skin breakouts. 


When you’re battling acne, aim to keep your skin clean and fresh on a daily basis but without excessive washing, as this could irritate your skin. Always remove your makeup before going to bed and aim for fragrance-free, water-based skin products. Try our WipeOut microfibre cleansing cloths with a little warm water to remove your makeup, as these don’t need cleanser. Never squeeze spots as this could lead to permanent scarring. 

What Are the Best Skincare Devices to Treat Acne? | MAGNITONE London WipeOut Microfibre Cleansing Cloths

Steam action

Our SteamAhead Hydrating Micro Steamer won’t stop acne, but it will soften blackheads and help non-inflamed skin breakouts. Deionized micro-steam particles make it easier to extract dirt, oils and sebum as well as hydrating your skin. Steam also helps to encourage blood flow to the surface of your skin, boosting the flow of oxygen. This promotes collagen and elastin, which are key for cell repair, and this gives your skin a fresh and radiant glow.

What Are the Best Skincare Devices to Treat Acne? | MAGNITONE London SteamAhead Hydrating Facial Micro Steamer

Sensitive cleansing

Use our BareFaced2 Vibra-Sonic Sensitive Cleansing and Toning Brush for the ultimate deep cleanse. This sensitive version of our popular skincare cleansing device comes with a softer brush. The gentle FeatherSoft antibacterial brush head is perfect for everyday cleansing (or at least three times a week). Enjoy a thorough cleanse to make your skin feel instantly cleaner and brighter.

What Are the Best Skincare Devices to Treat Acne? | MAGNITONE London BareFaced2 Vibra-Sonic Cleansing Brush

Gentle pore scrubbing

Our ScrubUp 3-in-1 Ultrasonic Pore Scrubber + Infuser is a great way to gently remove any build-up of acne causing oil and sebum. Using the Cleansing mode, you can extract dirt and oil from your pores with gentle ultrasonic vibrations. Switch to Moisturising mode to massage in your fave serum or moisturiser (remember, go for fragrance-free or water-based). The ultrasonic vibrations help skin products penetrate deeper into the skin for maximum benefits.

What Are the Best Skincare Devices to Treat Acne? | MAGNITONE London Scrub Up 3 in 1 Pore Scrubber + Serum Infuser

Managing acne is all about looking after your skin as best you can. And that starts by keeping your skin clean and fresh. COMING SOON! MAGNITONE will be bringing you a brand-new range of LED light therapy and microneedling devices. This cutting-edge beauty technology is delivering some seriously exciting results for acne sufferers. Watch this space…

Tackle acne and problem skin areas with MAGNITONE’s award-winning skincare devices.