We’re excited to introduce you to the next brand in our GenM Partner series, DrinkWell - the ultimate destination for 'better for you' drinks in the UK. 

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DrinkWell’s extensive selection offers hundreds of options to satisfy every palate, from sugar free wines and refreshing low carb beers to premium reduced ABV spirits and more. Over the years, they’ve dedicated themselves to perfecting this range that you won’t find anywhere else in the UK. Their commitment ensures that the only compromise you make is on calories, as they prioritise the highest quality and true innovation in every drink they sell. Each sip is meant to be shared with your loved ones, creating delightful moments together.

Sugar-free wine can be an appealing option for women going through menopause, especially for those who are mindful of their sugar intake and seeking alternatives to traditional wines. During menopause, hormonal changes can lead to a decrease in metabolism and increased insulin resistance, making it more challenging for some women to manage their blood sugar levels.

Consuming excess sugar can exacerbate these challenges and potentially lead to weight gain and other health issues. Additionally, some women may experience hot flashes during menopause, and reducing sugar intake may help alleviate these symptoms for some individuals. 

“With increased intake of sugar, the molecules attach to the proteins and form free radicals. The presence of these radicals, in turn, can cause oxidative damage in our body which is evident on our skin, hair, nails and overall energy levels in the body. This process is known as glycation and can lead to premature ageing of the skin. Collagen and elastin are vital for the skin to look and feel healthy. With hyperglycemia causing collagen damage, the skin can look dull, devoid of lustre, extremely dry, saggy and wrinkled. Excessive sugar intake can also lead to aggravation of acne as well as viral and fungal infections.

Reducing and controlling the intake of sugar is the first step to restoring the health of your skin. In peri and post-menopause, the body and skin collagen naturally becomes depleted due to a reduction in oestrogen levels. Eating high levels of processed sugars at this time not only worsens general menopausal symptoms, but also increases skin ageing due to its effects on collagen and elastin fibres. Skin as a result may appear dehydrated, dull and wrinkled with increased pallor. I recommend using a good cleansing brush every day, combined with microcurrent and LED light each night to improve skin circulation and encourage rejuvenation.”

Emma Coleman, MAGNITONE Senior Brand Ambassador, Clinic Director + Aesthetic RGN

By choosing sugar-free wine, women can continue to enjoy a glass or two without the added sugars that are commonly found in many wines. The collection of ‘better for you’ alcoholic beverages offered by DrinkWell is ideal for those who want to enjoy their favourite tipples without worrying about excessive calorie intake. By curating a wide selection of wines, beers, spirits, and more, DrinkWell ensures that there are plenty of options to suit the diverse tastes of women navigating menopause.

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