Allergy-Prone Skin? Calming Advice with Magnitone and Dermatology Nurse Practitioner Emma Coleman

By Emma Coleman, Magnitone Senior Brand Ambassador, Clinic Director, Aesthetic & Dermatology RGN

Seasonal allergies to pollen and grasses affect one in five of us, whilst dust allergy affects approximately 10% of the global population. Aside from the common symptoms associated with these allergies such as runny nose, watery eyes, wheeziness, sore throat and sneezing, many people also experience spontaneous skin flare ups including itchy rashes and hives which can erupt anywhere on the body. Many people with skin allergies can feel self-conscious, causing them to steer clear of social situations, and the itching often gets worse at night time as our body’s natural antihistamine levels drop to encourage rest. This can play havoc with sleep patterns, not only for sufferers but those around them too; I often see frazzled families visiting my clinic desperate for assistance and a good nights sleep.

According to the charity Allergy UK 25% of us will experience skin allergy during our lifetime. Magnitone offer a range of solutions to help reduce the skin’s immune reaction and restore calm. Here are my key tips to reduce and treat these types of rashes:


1. Take a course of oral antihistamines – the non-drowsy ones - during the spring and summer months.

2. Magnitone’s Bamboo Swipes gently cleanse the skin and remove makeup with plain water, so no need to use active cleansers which can add to skin irritation. Use Swipes with tepid water morning and night to help remove pollen and other allergens from the skin’s surface

3. If the skin is really red and itchy and / or you have hay fever, using Magnitone’s
Steam Ahead facial steamers will help to gently cleanse and soothe the skin, whilst clearing nasal congestion and sinuses. You can even add your favourite essential oils for added benefit. Lavender and tea tree oils naturally contain antiseptic properties, but be careful to ensure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients found in essential oils before use, by patch testing a small area on the forearm.

4. Before bed each evening, I recommend using the Get Lit LED Mask on the yellow setting to calm down redness and improve circulation to help remove toxins and deliver important nutrients to the skin.

5. Alongside the above I recommend that you have carpets and curtains professionally cleaned twice yearly – in autumn and spring. This will help to keep allergens in your home to a minimum.

6. Seek medical advice from a professional if you are experiencing chronic skin
allergies, as an allergy test could help. I like the ALEX Skin Allergy test as it involves a simple finger prick and tests for 282 different allergens.