First Step Compact Daily Cleansing Brush

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Vibra-Sonic™ technology and antibacterial bristles deep-cleanse skin, removing impurities and reducing excess oils, leaving skin more balanced, healthy and less breakout prone.

Our award winning technology is designed to help to remove impurities from pores and is proven to be 6x more effective than cleansing by hand. First Step is waterproof and easy to use in your daily routine. It uses USB charging and is super compact.

  • SUPERCHARGE YOUR SKIN The Vibra-Sonic™ Technology does the work that your hands can't. By getting deeper into pores, FirstStep leaves you feeling brighter, tighter, cleaner and smoother from the very first use.

  • A BETTER STEP, NOT AN EXTRA STEP Apply your cleanser directly to the brush, switch on and go! With FirstStep you're not changing your routine, simply making it more effective.

  • 60 SECONDS TO CLEANER SKIN FirstStep has a built in 60 second timer so you don't overwork your skin. Every 20 seconds you'll feel it buzz so you know to move onto the next section. Start with the cheeks & chin, then the T-Zone and finish with the neck

  • SHOWER SAFE FirstStep is waterproof so it's perfect to use in the shower, or wherever you cleanse your face!

  • BIOMASTER™ ANTIBACTERIAL PROTECTION Silver ions on the bristles mean that bacteria can't breed and grow, so your FirstStep stays clean.

  • FirstStep Vibra-Sonic™ Cleansing Brush
  • Antibacterial Skinsoft™ Brush Head (x1)
  • USB Charger
  • 1 Year Warranty
Vibra-Sonic Technology
Micro-Sonic Technology
Massage Mode
LED Light Therapy
Interchangeable Brush Heads
Zonal Timer
Bathroom Caddy
Menopause Friendly
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