Wipe Out Microfibre MakeUp Remover Duo


Ditch wasteful face wipes and single-use cotton pads for good with the WipeOut Microfibre MakeUp Remover Duo. Total value £30 - you save £5 with this collection!

WipeOut SWIPES are amazing eco-friendly microfibre cleansing pads that will remove even the toughest eye makeup, with just warm water! SWIPES are super soft and perfect for use on sensitive skin, eyes and lips, with no cleanser needed. The cloths will remove every last trace of makeup on the face and neck with their grab and hold microfibres.

Simply wash in your normal washing load and reuse thousands of times - no more disposable cotton pads or face wipes going into landfill!

THE BEST WAY TO REMOVE MAKEUP Better for your skin, more affordable and better for the planet. This really is the best way to remove makeup!

SIMPLE, SMEAR PROOF MAKEUP REMOVAL Our grab and hold microFibres, when wet, swell up, grab onto makeup particles and sweep them away so makeup is removed without smears or fuss

USE, RINSE, WASH, REPEAT AGAIN AND AGAIN Machine washable at 30 degrees, these cloths can be used again and again.

BELIEVE THE HYPE! Don't just trust our amazing claims, hundreds of beauty bloggers have tried and tested WipeOut. The results are real!

  • Use WipeOut Cloths or SWIPES instead of face wipes or for anything you'd use cotton wool pads! You can use with cleanser or product but they also work with just warm water.
  • To use with just warm water, simply wet the cloth and swipe away makeup!
  • When you're done, toss into the laundry basket and wash at 30 degrees.
  • The Amazing MicroFibre Cleansing Cloths - Pink (2 pack)
  • WipeOut SWIPES MicroFibre MakeUp Remover Pads - Pink & Grey (6 pack)

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