While everyone’s getting excited about the warmer weather and picnics in the park, hayfever sufferers are dreading the return of runny noses, itchy eyes and red, blotchy skin.

Here, our Head of Brand, Aimie, gives her top tips for tackling those hayfever symptoms and our Senior Brand Ambassador, Emma Coleman, shares her skincare recommendations.

Aimie says... 

Stock image of honey on a yellow background


One of the best tips I’ve ever been given is to take local honey. Look in your nearest farmer’s shop, local market, deli or even pharmacist for honey that’s made in your local area. Like a 'vaccine', you’re getting a little bit of the specific pollen from your area into your system and so you shouldn’t react as strongly to it when it’s in the air while you’re out and about. Try a teaspoon of honey in your morning tea, coffee or drizzled over your breakfast.

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Some foods and drinks can be naturally high in histamines - things like wine, champagne, some cheeses, cured meats, tomatoes, aubergines, spinach to name a few*. So be aware of what you’re packing into your picnic basket and try to avoid these to prevent a hayfever flare up. Try not to be too devastated if I’ve just listed all your favourite snacks, there are plenty of low histamine solutions - switch that rosé for a refreshing G&T and the charcuterie selection for fresh meats, dips and crudités.

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If you’ve been out and about all day, wash your hair and make sure you wear clean pyjamas to bed. Pollen can get caught in your hair and clothing so transferring that to your pillow and sleeping in it all night, isn’t going to do you any favours.

Emma says…

“Pollen tends to come down in the evening, meaning hayfever and skin reaction symptoms can get worse around dusk. For your evening skincare routine, firstly remove the surface debris and dirt using a damp WipeOut cloth before deep cleansing with XO LightsOut on the yellow light setting to reduce inflammation. Then apply a soothing serum such as Hyaluronic Acid and use ScrubUp® in Moisturising Mode to really infuse deep into the skin.”

Image of MAGNITONE ScrubUp, XO Lights Out and WipeOut Cleansing Cloths

*Source: Allergy UK