3 Reasons why you need a massage gun

Thinking of buying a massage gun but you’re not sure whether they really work? We share three important reasons why you need a massage gun in your life! And our brand-new BeatIt Deep Tissue Massage Gun has some great benefits you’ll find hard to beat…

  1. Relaxation for the mind and body

    You’ve had a busy day at work. You come home, sit down in your fave armchair or collapse on the sofa. And your mind won’t stop buzzing with activity. Sound familiar? A massage gun is a simple handheld tool that can instantly give you a relaxing massage.

    You don’t have to book an appointment at a salon or even leave your home. You can just switch on your massage gun. With the BeatIt, choose your preferred pressure level and start with the Flat or Sphere Head. Apply a light pressure, moving gently around your neck and shoulders to soothe away all those daily stresses. Give yourself some much-needed quality time to simply relax and unwind.

    3 Reasons why you need a massage gun | MAGNITONE Beat It Deep Tissue Massage Gun for neck and shoulders
  2. Relief for tired or tight muscles

    You’ve been out for a long country walk at the weekend, but it’s turned into more of a hike. Or you’ve spent all day on your feet doing an epic shopping trip with your bestie. Your legs and feet are worn out, and the muscles in your calves are feeling really tight.

    Time to bring out the BeatIt Deep Tissue Massage Gun. Get comfy and locate the tight spot you want to massage. Choose a Flat Head or the U-Shaped Head to target a really tight spot. Switch on the device and move up the pressure levels until you’ve found the right one to relieve your area of muscle tension. Start off with a 30 second treatment.

    3 Reasons why you need a massage gun | MAGNITONE Beat It Deep Tissue Massage Gun for aching feet and foot pain
  3. Reduce the impact of exercise

    You’ve overdone it at the gym or overstretched during a Pilates or yoga session. Your arms and legs are a bit sore. If possible, do some gentle stretches first to release any lactic acid lurking in your muscles. You might need to rest for a short while at first. 

    This is where BeatIt! really comes into its own. As a deep tissue massage gun, you can give yourself an intense massage to relieve any overused muscles. Choose the Bullet Head and apply a level of pressure that matches your muscle tightness. Never use a massage gun on an injury, such as a strain or sprain – always allow this to heal first. 

    3 Reasons why you need a massage gun | MAGNITONE Beat It Deep Tissue Massage Gun for tight calf muscles

BeatIt has a powerful six-speed motor, giving you a range of different pressures, along with four heads to match your treatment needs. Compact and USB rechargeable, this massage gun even has its own travel pouch, so you can take this away with you on holiday.

Everyone needs a massage gun in their life. Our BeatIt Deep Tissue Massage Gun gives you the ability to relax and relieve muscle tension in the comfort of your own home. It’s one of those essential pieces of beauty kit that you won’t be able to live without. And once you’ve tried our muscle gun, you’ll find any other massage gun hard to beat.

Relax and relieve tight muscles with the MAGNITONE BeatIt Deep Tissue Massage Gun