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WipeOut! Cleansing Cloth - 1 pack

The Amazing Micro-Fibre Cleansing cloth that removes makeup with just water! It is Super Soft - Perfect for Sensitive Skin + Eyes. 
  • Warm Water Only - No cleanser needed
  • Quick Drying - Perfect for travel
  • Reuseable 1000 Times (Machine Washable at 30℃)
  • Grab & Hold Microfibres - Even removes long-wear and oil based make up!
  • Eco Friendly (No more Wipes in landfill...)
  • Smearproof & Double Sided - No residue
  • 1 Pack size perfect for trial or travel

Amazing MicroFibre Cleansing Cloth

Remove even the toughest, long-wear and oil-based makeup, with JUST WARM WATER!

WipeOut! is super soft and perfect for use on sensitive skin, eyes and lips, with no cleanser needed.

Unlike traditional wipes or face cloths, WipeOut! microfibres swell up when wet, grabbing hold of makeup particles and trapping them away, meaning makeup is removed, smear free.

WipeOut! is re-useable 1000 times and machine washable at 30°C.

Each Cloth is 40cm x 17cm and double sided. 2 cloths per pack