MAGNITONE SuperNaturals Pore-Ify Sonic Skin Eco Cleansing Set - Magnitone

SuperNaturals Pore-Ify Sonic Skin Eco Cleansing Set

Remove makeup, deep cleanse, moisturise and heal skin with a naturally powerful combination of products that's kinder to skin and the environment. Remove makeup with just warm water using 100% bamboo cloths that are re-useable 1000 times, then cleanse with First Step Vibra-Sonic Cleansing brush to wobble impurities from pores. Then moisturise and exfoliate with SuperNatural ingredients that balance excess oils, tackle inflammation, prevent breakouts and rejuvenate skin cells.

Supercharging your Skin

Combining SuperNaturals Skincare with our sonic cleansing brushes - First Step -  gives you the best skincare treatment. With gentle and skin-boosting Vibra-Sonic technology, skin gets a double whammy thanks to deep cleansing and better skincare absorption.

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