LiftOff + Year Supply of Prepare & Glide Gel

A 5-minute, at-home or on-the-go facial lift and skin workout to really get your skin in shape. This handbag sized skin ‘gym’ uses pulsed MicroCurrent Technology to help tone and provide a natural lift to the appearance of skin. PLUS it comes with an extra 3 tubes of our hypoallergenic, water-based SuperConductive 'Prepare + Glide Gel, ensuring proper delivery of those tiny pulses of electricity, deeper into the skin and facial muscles. Ready for Lift off?


What's included?

Microcurrent LiftOff device with hypoallergenic, metal-plated skin contacting points

LiftOff has 4 Stimulation settings, and a 5 second zonal treatment timer

A 60ml Microcurrent Glide Gel is included (Clear, Fragrance free & Hypoallergenic)which is suitable for use all over the face, along the jawline, upper lip, cheeks and brow

LiftOff is USB rechargeable with 1 charge lasting 2 hours! 

Or 6 weekly interest free payments from £9.99 with what's this?