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SuperNaturals Pore-Ify Breakout Knockout Anti-Oil Cleansing Gel (125ml)

Naturally foaming, clear gel cleanser designed to beat breakouts and unwanted blemishes. The formulation contains proprietary Charcoal beads that break up and activate on contact with skin to help balance out excess oils and draw out micro-particles from clogged-pores. This natural fight against clogged pores and unwanted blackheads is combined with odourless Tea Tree extract for a powerful antibacterial wash that helps prevent breakouts whilst Wasabi helps to calm skin for the perfect start or end to a day.

SuperNatural Ingredients: Activated Charcoal, Tea Tree, Wasabi

Making the most of your skin, naturally, with Magnitone SuperNaturals: PORE-IFY Range:

1. Use Breakout Knockout Anti-oil gel cleanser daily in the morning, followed by our Zero-Shine, Mineral Moisturiser to help protect skin from pollution and other free radicals

2. At night, remove makeup with our 100% Bamboo Microfibre cleansing cloth and give your skin a soak with the gel cleanser.

3. Before bed, lather on our Vitamin-Fix Night cream to help boost your skin’s natural restorative powers.

4. Once a week, give your skin a reset with our Enzyme Peel & Purge Face Mask. Only takes 10 minutes but it’s worth every second.

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