WipeOut! Anti Microbial Cleansing Cloth (3pack)

Remove even the toughest, long-wear and oil-based makeup, with JUST WARM WATER! Now with natural antimicrobial protection from Biomaster. 

Silver ions are weaved into the production of the cloth at source. It contains no chemicals, so can never leak out or wash away it remains effective for the entire product lifetime. Completely naturally derived, it works by disrupting microbe cells, which prevents them from reproducing and contaminating the skin. 

Use in conjunction with current hygiene guidance. 

  • Warm Water Only - No cleanser needed
  • Antimicrobial Microfibres - for skin protection
  • Reuseable 1000 Times (Machine Washable at 30℃)



Use warm water Only to remove  even long wear and oil based makeup  - No cleanser needed!

3x cloths. Dual-sided (40cm x17cm per cloth) and quick drying - Compact and perfect for travel.

Microbial resistant using Biomaster antimicrobial technology. Effective 24/7 for the lifetime of the treated article

Re-useable 1000 Times and Machine Washable at 30℃)

Eco Friendly alternative to disposable wipes in landfill so makeup removal doesn't cost the earth!

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