BareFaced 2 Ultimate Cleansing Collection

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Color: PINK

Introducing the BareFaced2 Ultimate Cleansing Collection - everything you need to supercharge your skincare routine.

Featuring the award-winning BareFaced 2 Vibra-Sonic™ Cleansing & Toning Brush which deep cleanses, leaving your skin feeling brighter, tighter and more vibrant. This exclusive collection includes mix and match replacement brush heads, WipeOut Amazing MicroFibre Cleansing Cloths and SWIPES Makeup Remover Pads. 

Brush heads included; 2 pack of PoreFect Brush Heads for those days you need a deeper exfoliation and a 2 pack of FeatherSoft Brush Heads for a gentler cleanse. Choose between pink & rose gold or the white & rose gold BareFaced2 Cleansing Brush.

Voted best for removing any sweat, oil and debris by our panel, all testers were pleased with its deep cleansing capabilities.

"Skin has cleared up, looks brighter and fresher. Can't recommend this highly enough. Best thing ever. Wish I discovered it sooner!”

“I suffered from really oily skin and it has become less oily and my pores look smaller. I would definitely recommend it!”

  • BIOMASTER™ ANTIBACTERIAL PROTECTION Silver ions on the bristles mean that bacteria can't breed and grow, so your BareFaced2 stays clean.

  • 3D VIBRA-SONIC™ CLEANSING 13,000 Vibra-Sonic™ movements per minute wobble impurities from pores, getting deeper than your hands ever could!

  • FULLY WATERPROOF Making it easy to use in the bath or shower as part of your regular cleansing and toning routine. No Fuss!

  • PROVEN RESULTS 6X better than using hands alone.

  • 2-IN-1 CLEANSE AND TONE Interchangeable heads mean you can use your BareFaced2 to cleanse - using PoreFect or FeatherSoft (sensitive) brushes - or tone - using the Tone It Up! Massage Head.


2-in-1 cleanse & tone. Interchangeable heads mean you can use your BareFaced2 to cleanse - using PoreFect or FeatherSoft (sensitive) brushes - or tone - using the Tone It Up! Massage Head. 100% waterproof, you can use in the bath or shower and leave to dry in this cute bathroom caddy.

Your choice of white (sensitive) or pink. The white one comes with a FeatherSoft brush head and the pink comes with a PoreFect brush head. They're interchangeable depending on how your skin feels!


Remove even the toughest, long-wear and oil-based makeup with just warm water! Now with natural antimicrobial protection from Biomaster™. Ditch wasteful face wipes for good and discover the power of WipeOut! MicroFibre Cleansing Cloths. Wash and reuse thousands of times.

  • WIPEOUT SWIPES RRP £15 - 6x WipeOut! SWIPES Cleansing Pads (3 grey + 3 pink)

WipeOut! SWIPES are amazing eco-friendly, MicroFibre cleansing pads that will remove even the toughest makeup, with just warm water! SWIPES are super soft and perfect for use on sensitive skin, eyes and lips, with no cleanser needed.


PoreFect daily facial cleansing brush heads have soft rounded bristles that sweep across skin, unclogging trapped impurities, whilst gently exfoliating away dead skin cells.


FeatherSoft daily facial cleansing brush heads for sensitive skin have super-gentle, light bristles. It offers a deep cleanse best for sensitive, dry or delicate skin.

  1. Charge it up! A full charge should last up to 1 month, depending how often you use it!

  2. Remove all makeup Try WipeOut! MicroFibre Cleansing Cloths to remove makeup with just warm water.

  3. Apply your cleanser Either to your face or directly onto the brush head.

  4. Choose your mode Press once for Daily Cleanse, twice for Deep Cleanse and three times for PulseLift Toning (use the Tone It Up! Massage Head for level 3).

  5. Cleanse! BareFaced2 will run for one minute, with a beep every 20 seconds to remind you to move on to the next area. Start with the cheeks and chin, then the T-zone and finish with the neck.

  6. Moisturise Rinse your face with warm water (or use your WipeOut!). Finish your skincare routine as normal with serums and moisturisers.

  7. Tone! For extra oomph, use the Tone It Up! Massage Head and PulseLift Mode to really work those potions into your skin.

Use daily as part of your skincare routine and you'll instantly see your skin is looking and feeling brighter and tighter!

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