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Winter Skincare Routine

October 27, 2016

As the winter months take their hold, the time has come to switch up your skincare routine.

Here's a trick or two to get you through the festive season...

1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

With cold weather comes dry air, which removes moisture from your skin day in day out. Ditch the oil stripping cleansers for a nourishing cream cleanser and night cream to prevent chapped and cracked skin. Our Silk Bliss brush head has been designed to give deep-skin hydration, even to the most sensitive skin types.The soft bristles help cleanse pores, giving a clear and even complexion, making it the perfect winter skincare companion.

2. Keep Exfoliating

It is tempting when skin is dry and dehydrated to smother your face in moisturisers and ignore the other parts of your skincare routine. Ignoring exfoliation however will let dead skin cells create a barrier on the surface of skin, preventing your lotions and potions from reaching where they really need to be. Keep exfoliating to open pores and watch the goodness absorb right in! 

3. Oil Up

For many skin types, oils are often viewed of as the enemy. They are associated with imperfections, acne and shiny skin. But oils are absolutely essential in winter. They help give you the glowing complexion that we are all striving for. Not only do they combat dullness, but they actually help balance the natural oil production levels in your skin, which oil free products do not. 










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