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Should you remove make up before sleeping?

April 03, 2017

Should you remove make up before sleeping?

It's been a long day, and boy are you tired. Maybe you've even had one too many Proseccos after work...We know the story. It's a fleeting thought as you snuggle under the covers. 'I should really take my make up off' but you conclude that it can just be tomorrow's problem.

We hate to be the bad guy, but this can wreck some serious havoc on your complexion. Don't believe us? A quick search of 'Is it really that bad to sleep with make up on?' and a few (hours) on the internet later we have concluded that the extra two minutes in the bathroom might just save your skin health in the long run! 

Who doesn't want skin that looks fresh, vibrant and full of life? Well, if you aren't letting your skin breathe then it can result in some unsavory consequences. Here are our top 4 reasons to always remove your make up. Once you start to wipe it all off, you'll never think twice!


If you are a make up wearer, then all that shadow, contour and powder is bound to clog your pores. If you don't cleanse it off then all these blocked pores can result in blackheads. Potentially this can encourage bacteria to build up cause unwanted breakouts. By cleansing your face of all make up before bed it allows the pores to breathe. The WipeOut!Microfibre cleansing cloth takes off all traces of make up with just water (Yes, just water!) So now there's no excuse for make up on your pillow even after a cocktail or two...

Dull, lifeless skin

Skin full of vim and vigour! That's what we strive for here at Magnitone HQ. You can kiss goodbye to any hopes of that if you still have the remnants of yesterday's party on your face. Cleansing the face encourages the cell turnover of the skin, removing trace of dead cells and bringing young newer ones to the surface. Adding a Vibrasonic cleansing brush like the Barefacedto your routine speeds this process up and ultimately resulting in more energised, brighter looking skin. 

Ageing Skin

Cleansing doesn't just make your skin look brighter, it can also help it stay youthful. We're not saying you can stop ageing process through washing your face, but it certainly doesn't accelerate it. Unlike daily pollutants we come into contact with accumulate on the skin, mining up with dirt and make up. This combination of free radicals have been shown to cause premature ageing of skin by breaking down the skins natural defences. If you don't want to fill your body with toxins, why let them take up residence on your skin?

Products not working.

Despite all your favorite lotions and potions promising the earth, if you have leftover make up residing on the surface of your skin, then this can inhibit their absorption. Make up stuck in pores act as a barrier preventing all the beneficial ingredients from absorbing into the skin. Meaning that expensive moisturiser can't do its job of nourishing your parched skin!  Moral of the story? Clean skin = happier skin.

Might be time to think twice before you sleep in your makeup this weekend! Happy cleansing...


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