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4 Ways NOT To Use Coconut Oil

February 05, 2018

4 Ways NOT To Use Coconut Oil

It's ALL the range, and we are the first to admit we walked around in 2017 like piñacolada scented slicked-up goddesses.  It really does moisturize the hell out of dry, city-cracked skin.

But is it really suitable for everywhere?  We investigated the common mistakes people make when they dive deep into the coconut oil jar and emerge like a greased up bodybuilder.


1. Applying To Your face

Someone, somewhere in an article, may have mentioned that coconut oil is just a wonderful, hydrating face moisturiser. And you hot-footed it to Tesco world food's aisle to stock up.  Despite its moisturising kudos, Coconut oil will clog your pores. Already committed the crime? Give your skin a good cleanse and exfoliation and just stop! Especially if you have oily or acne-proneskin. The only exception? People with severely dry skin, who never have concern for clogged pores. There are so many products (including natural!) that can tailor to your exact skin care needs, combining multiple seed oils and vitamins to make you glow, without making you feel like you rubbed your face against a fast food restaurant floor! Make sure Coconut oil is listed low down on the list of ingredients.

2. Makeup Removal

Okay, this can work, because coconut oil breaks down makeup pretty well. The tiniest bit on a cotton pad won't cause too much irritation when you apply to sensitive eye area. BUT if you're going to use it a makeup remover, use really carefully, and make sure you don't use too much. You still need to wash your face afterwards to get all of the coconut oil off.  Do not skip this step, or you will end up with clogged posed! See mistake1. For an even gentler makeup removal step, why not skip product altogether and remove with just water, using WipeOut. Eco-friendly, and reusable up to 1000 times! 

 4. As A Hair Mask

Depending on your hair situation, chances are that coconut oil isn’t the answer. Especially if you have flaky skin or dandruff. It might feel like dry = needs oil But the skin on the scalp needs to shed, and excess oil will lock everything in! Chances are it's probably going to make your dandruff worse. It might just mean now you have oily flakes instead of dry flakes. If you are going for a  grungy, greasy hair vibe - go for it. But otherwise be wary, it's tough to get out! If your hair is as dry as the Sahara, try experimenting using a little, on the ends only - it will spread from there on its own as the day goes on.  


In future, read a little further into the claims of coconut being the so-called all-rounder. As you can see, a little goes a long way, and most importantly reserved for super dry patches on your body!

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