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What to Pack for a festival

Festival Packing, that careful balancing act of what you really need to take and what you can just about cope 3 days without (including a shower) 

Let's face facts, space, time and resources are limited when it comes to packing for a festival. We know we'd much rather be hitting the headline acts, than in line for a Portaloo or snacks. So here are our top tips on what to pack,  from beauty to food, to ensure you have the ultimate Festival experience as stress-free as possible. 

Dress to Impress

Unfortunately, we can't all jet off to dessert temperatures for Coachella. SO preparation is Key. Especially in the UK, weather appropriate clothing is a must. There's a reason the Welly has become synonymous with British summertime - it rains A LOT. Grab yourself a pair of trusty boots like these Hunter Wellies, comfy enough so you dance the night away no matter the terrain. We also suggest picking a jacket that works with your outfit. Because chances are it might not be coming off all that often!

Welly boot

Pack - a - Snack

Festival food isn't just over priced, it's also a time-consuming task standing in line for the best food. Make sure and pack enough tasty energy bars and fruit to keep you full until it's time to re-fuel properly in between headline acts. We love these new Bounce Ball energy bars. Gluten free, vegan and packed with protein. Healthy AND tasty, what else could you possibly need? 


Keep it Clean

Toilets can be few and far between. Last year's Glastonbury Festival had 43 sets of toilets for its 150,000 attendees. Things are bound to get a little messy. Making sure you have (plenty) Hand sanitizer should help you feel a little fresher. Make space in your bag for extra water to keep you both hydrated and double up as a cleanser. We keep our packing streamlined with a WipeOut cleansing cloth, and there is a lot less chance of skin irritation than with wipes. If you do like to have wet wipes on hand for hygiene reasons, keep them away from your beautiful face !! As for washing your hair? Your festival best friend is a can of Dry Shampoo, we love this Bed Head Oh Be Hive from Lookfantastic.

Get The Look

It seems like the festival trends keep on coming, with Coachella setting the tone every year from Flower crowns to Flash-tattoos. This year we have seen the fash-pack sporting Glitter, and it's taking over our insta-feeds. We have to admit we're a little envious.

However, sleeping with all that make up on can't be comfortable and/or glamourous. So We suggest making sure you remove your make up of an evening. If you are lucky enough to be staying in a hotel or only there for the day then you can follow your usual routine. However, if you are camping, a quick swipe with a Wipe out! should remove most of the damage. Just follow up with arinse (with that extra water) afterwards. In our opinion, something is certainly better than nothing! Worst case scenario? Party all night and use glitter to cover the bags under your eyes. Back to reality come Monday...

 Love, Magnitone x

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