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Want super soft skin? Stop doing this!

June 07, 2017

Want super soft skin? Stop doing this!

Who doesn't want to know the secrets to super soft skin and break-out free bliss? We've compiled the top beauty No-Nos that you might be doing EVERY DAY and that could be sabotaging your skin health.

Stop Touching Your Face.

We're not just talking squeezing blackheads or popping pimples, which is obviously a huge no-no - causing scarring, infections, and dark spots.

We actually mean any touching — like resting your chin in your hand while you fall asleep at your desk (just us?) or frantically rubbing in your foundation on the way to work. We bet you're even touching your face right now! It's a mindless bad habit that transfers bacteria to your skin. Say hello to breakouts and blocked pores!

Even washing your face with your hands is 6x less effective than using a cloth or cleansing brush. 




Not using SPF. Daily!


This isn't just about preventing embarrassing panda-eye tan lines, caused by your sunglasses. Daily SPF prevents the sun's rays damaging the surface of the skin, which can lead to skin cancer.  


Even if you live in climates where the sun isn't always shining (Hello, London), wearing daily sun protection, even in winter months, will prevent the accelerated ageing of the skin caused by UV damage. The perfect amount of sunscreen for just your face, as recommended by dermatologists, is 1/4 tsp.


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