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Top Tips To Clear Up Back Acne

August 31, 2017

Top Tips To Clear Up Back Acne

Back acne ruining your wardrobe dreams? Well, we say, buy that backless dress! We've compiled our top tips for everyday things you can do when those pesky breakouts strike!

Change Your Sheets!

No, this is not your mother calling. We get it. Life it hard sometimes, and we are all guilty of leaving sheets a little longer than we should from time to time. But changing your sheets at least once a week is advisable, and important to keep skin clear and bacteria free! Well, who wants to be sleeping in a bed of oil and dirt? Don't even get us started on the fake tan users amongst us...Orange sheets that smell like elevenses aren't exactly the most welcoming! We all know how important getting adequate sleep is for good skin...

Post Workout Showers.

Sweating is a great natural detox for the skin and body. It helps to purge bacteria and impurities that might be clogging up your pores. However, leave this dirt lying on the skin for too long and your thirsty skin will just reabsorb the impurities back in. Make sure you remove workout clothes as soon as you can and then hit the showers. If you are in a rush, a quick wipe down and an oil balancing body spray can keep you going until you can wash properly. Just make sure you get out of that sports bra ASAP!


Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliating is a way to relieve back acne, as well as a preventative measure by sloughing dead cells making room for healthy, strong skin. Try 1-2 times a week, so as not to irritate the skin by doing too often. 

Traditional scrubs may not be as easy to use in this area, as the back can be tricky to reach. Using the Full Monty Exfoliating body brush will allow you to reach harder to reach areas on the back while being gentle on sensitive skin. Use with the Exfoliaterbrush head. 

Keep your hair away

You might love having flowing luscious locks that flow down your back, however, in order to keep that mane in check you might need to use some heavy duty treatments. When washing or treating your hair with heavy moisturizing products, try and keep them away from areas you experience breakouts. Once you step out of the shower, cover hair with a towel to avoid anything that might irritate dripping from stray strands! 

Ditch the Bodycon

Sticking to looser and light clothing, particularly when it's hot or you are getting sweaty! Tight synthetic fabrics can cause rubbing that will only add to your back-woes. If you do want to wear something tighter, try and stick to natural fabrics such as cotton or bamboo that will regulate the skin's temperature and limit irritation. 


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