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5 Things You Should Never Put On Your Face

June 14, 2017

5 Things You Should Never Put On Your Face

Everyone loves a beauty hack. With Pinterest boards and Youtubers forever coming up with the next mind-blowing DIY tricks, it's difficult to separate the DIYs you should and shouldn't attempt.

We agree, there's nothing quite like saving a few pounds by making a face mask from the contents of your fridge. You could try to do everything yourself, but there are some things you should probably just leave to professionals.

There are a lot of terrible DIY skincare tips out there that include ingredients that should never go near your gorgeous face. Some kitchen ingredients are totally fine, like the much-loved coconut oil, but leave the following out of your beauty routines.


There's a reason why putting lemon on your hair causes it to go lighter in the sun, and it should be a warning not to put it near your skin. However, there are a plenty of articles out there that claim lemon can lighten and brighten your complexion.

Without getting too technical, putting lemon on your skin can cause a chemical reaction called phytophotodermatitis which is basically a serious burn that occurs with exposure to UV rays. It's super damaging to skin. Lemon juice can also cause severe dryness, burning, and even blisters. If you want to lighten your skin or get rid of hyperpigmentation, use a cream formulated especially for this. Don't Use Lemons!


We're sure you've heard the age-old tip of using hairspray as a setting spray for makeup. But if you haven't, good!

Hairspray is meant for one thing: your hair. It's safe to keep your 'do in check, but these chemicals, designed to keep those flyaways at bay, are not chemicals that should be finding their way onto your face. Why do you think the hairdresser covers your face when locking in your bouncy blowdry?

Save face, literally, and invest in a specially formulated makeup setting spray or powder for your next night out. 


Sugar & Salt

What? But one of these is in EVERY scrub on the market aren't they?

Yes, Sugar and salt are amazing exfoliants… for your body. But put those granules on your face and you are asking for trouble. Both are too harsh for the more delicate skin on your face, which is thinner (hello, wrinkles!) The granules are too large and jagged, which can cause abrasions to your face.  A lot of facial scrubs have much finer granules specially formulated for the more delicate skin on your face.


This is another favourite of beauty bloggers, who claim that cinnamon is the perfect ingredient for getting rid of acne, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation. However, it's become clear that when applied to the face, many people actually experience serious burning, blisters, dryness, and redness. Some dermatologists have gone as far as to say that too much cinnamon can even cause permanent damage to the skin.


Perhaps better known as an effective DIY hair mask (it's the egg!), but it's been going around the web that it is also great as a face mask. Our view.. not so much.

While it will make your hair luscious and soft, it will leave your face less than desirable. Think more oily and greasy. Mayo, is too thick for your face, can clog your pores, and we can guarantee it will make you break out. Save it for your DIY hair masks, or even just your sandwiches. 

Generally, do your research before putting something new on your skin. Experiment sparingly and test out a spot before you slather it all over your face, you've only got one!

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