Beating Covid-19

Here's a few tips from the Magnitone team on getting through the Corona Virus shutdown!

Follow government advice 

With the shutdown now in place, be responsible and self isolate effectively. it's short term pain for long term gain. If we all follow the guidance and put our community and health workers first, then we’ll get through this faster and with less casualties.

Stay connected

We’re blessed to live in a world today where self isolation doesn’t mean social isolation. Stay connected at this time using all your favourite social media platforms. Video call loved ones more than you normally would and make plans to have virtual dinner parties or Netflix watching parties. We’ll be following on and trying to stay connect with you all through Instagram page @magnitonelondon

Relax and be content

‘The only thing to fear is fear itself,’ someone famous once said in troubling times. That’s not entirely true today as we really want to make sure people stay healthy and Covid-19 is a real threat. But for many of us who wont ever end up getting the virus (God Willing!) the worst damage we might be do to ourselves or our loved ones is worry! Anxiety causes all sorts of health problems and of course it doesn’t change anything. Take the time to relax, watch something you’ve always wanted to see, read a book you’ve said you wanted to read for months. Or just pamper yourself. Refresh your BareFaced brush heads and get back into a new skincare routine! Look after yourself. Never tried a face brush, read more here.

Wash your hands

Use an alcohol or naturally antibacterial hand wash, or just soap if you have it. Watch this video to understand more about why effective hand washing means taking 20 seconds. If you’re struggling to find a hand soap, why not try our SuperNaturals cleansing gel – perfect for face and hands. It’s naturally antibacterial properties of Wasabi and Tea Tree fight against the germs and soften nourish and condition skin.

…and Moisturise Your Hands!

We’re all in danger of drying out our skin with all the extra hand washing we’re doing. Every time you’re following the guidance on washing your hands, make sure you’re also moisturising effectively. The right moisturiser can act as a barrier to daily pollutants anyway and you’ll make sure you don’t need a trip to the dermatologist at the end of all this.

Check out our SuperNaturals here