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Moisturising Mistakes You Are Making!

June 29, 2017

Moisturising Mistakes You Are Making!

No one likes dry skin. For most, moisturising will have been a crucial step in your skincare routine for years, you probably don't even think twice about it. However, like cleansing, it's not always what you are using, but how you use it that can be the difference between having dull or glowing skin. Read on to discover mistakes most of us make when we apply our daily hydration!

You Aren't Exfoliating

If you don't exfoliate regularly, dead skin cells build up on the surface of the skin. This creates a barrier to your pores, which over time will prevent skincare products from properly absorbing into your skin. However, it's an easy problem to solve. If you use a Barefaced! cleansing brush, try using the Stimulator brush head  on Pulse-LiftToning Mode once per week, as it improves the turnover of your skin cells, making sure you don't have barriers blocking all your fancy potions from sinking in. Exfoliating regularly will improve absorption of your favourite creams and oils and lead to the appearance of better hydrated, more plump and toned skin.

Applying To Dry Skin

You'd think, dry skin needs moisturiser the most, right? Well actually, dermatologists advise that you apply moisturiser when the skin is still slightly damp, ideally right after cleansing and before any excess water has evaporated. Applying moisturiser to dry skin could be as ineffective as applying it without exfoliating.

As the skin dries, dead skin cells start to form, so you will be applying moisturiser on top of this layer rather than allowing it to sink into your pores. This may explain why sometimes it can feel like you have a layer of moisturiser sitting on top of your face even after you've been massaging it in for several minutes. This won't help you achieve that much-desired glow!

Moisturiser is there to lock in vital hydration, but if your complexion is already dry then there’s nothing to lock in! After cleansing, gently pat skin, leaving it damp and then apply your moisturiser immediately.

Forgetting The Neck

Learn from the Europeans - don’t stop your skincare routine at you jawline! Apply moisturiser all the way down to your décolletage to fight premature ageing.

The jawline and neck are one of the first places to start showing the inevitable ageing process (thanks, Gravity!) so you need to show them a little love!  Try not to pull on the skin when applying any products on the neck area, use gentle upward motions pressing the product into the skin. You can even apply your product using the Pulse-Lift™ setting of your Barefaced! brush to add a mini, skin-toning workout while you are at it! 

Skipping Moisturiser When Skin Feels Oily 

So what if you have oily skin? Well whether you always have it, or it's caused by hormonal fluctuations, it's still important to lock moisture in!

It can be tempting to skip this step, fearing that it will make oily skin worse. But if you cleanse with strong solutions, this strips the skin of surface oil and in a furious attempt to fix the issue, the skin's cells will start producing even more oil! It sounds counter-intuitive but moisturising with a solution specially formulated for oily skin will help your skin find a little more balance than not moisturising at all.

Whether you have dry skin, oily skin or skin that won't quite commit, it's vital to show it a little love. Make sure you are moisturising in a way that is going to improve the health of your skin! 


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