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Magnitone Guide to all things Cellulite!

July 03, 2017

Magnitone Guide to all things Cellulite!

When it comes to Summer holidays, there's nothing worse than when you don't feel quite right in your skin. Here at Magnitone HQ, we're fans of embracing what you've got, bumps and all. But with an estimated 90% of women battling Cellulite, it’s a universal problem that doesn’t discriminate no matter what size you are. 

There are so many products out there promising to cure our orange-peel woes, but do any work? And if not, is there anything we can do to improve its appearance and make us feel better about that inevitable patch of cellulite? 

Firstly, what is cellulite?

It's basically fat bulging out of the fascia beneath the surface of the skin (nice, right?) You might be familiar with it around the buttocks, thighs and back of arms.  It's the infamous 'orange peel' bumps that affect people of all shapes and sizes, you don’t have to be overweight to experience it.

How Did I Get It?

It can be caused by a huge variety and mix of factors, from genetics (thanks, mum), lifestyle and hormones that will lead to its development.

Yes, those pesky hormones are on a mission to wreak havoc again! Cellulite is closely linked to oestrogen which explains why women are more likely to suffer from cellulite than men. Oestrogen increases the amount of fat in women from puberty onwards, which is why you see cellulite accumulate typically around the thighs and buttocks area. So external factors such as the  Contraceptive Pill can play a role in the appearance of cellulite. It can also get a little worse with the menstrual cycle. As your hormone levels increase, the fat underneath the skin can look more prominent.

How do you fix it?  

Unfortunately, ‘miracle’ cellulite creams won't rid you of cellulite, as a cream can't target the actual fat cells. Simply, they can help with tightening loose skin that could be emphasising the appearance of cellulite. A lot of research has been done on topical treatments isn't much evidence to support their claims. 

Body brushing, like creams and potions, can't get to the source of the cellulite itself but can help firm loose skin resulting in a more toned, more streamlined appearance. Body brushing, with the  Full Monty body brush, can also help with water retention and can stimulate lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, reducing the overall appearance of cellulite.


Regular exercise and managing your diet can help with fat loss and blood flow to the surface of the skin. This may make cellulite la little ess obvious. Try to drink plenty of water, ideally at least two litres per day to help with the reduction of water retention.

Anything else for a Quick fix? 

A massage targeted towards Cellulite or Lymphatic drainage could help remove a build-up of fluid around the thighs and encourage a smoother appearance to the skin. If you've got a big night out coming up, body brushing and a layer of fake tan can make the skin appear smoother and significantly reduce the look of dimpled skin.
While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to cellulite, it' safe to say that regular body brushing, regular exercise and keeping hydrated can help to banish water retention and improve the skin's texture over time.


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