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The Key to Glowing Skin

March 02, 2017

The Key to Glowing Skin

Last week we were delighted to feature in Abbey's blog 'Little Beauty Blog XO' here is what she said about BareFaced and our new WipeOut! microfibre cleansing cloth....

The Key To Glowing Skin With Magnitone

I’ve always used my hands to cleanse my face, I guess I just thought that was the norm. Until recently. I’ve been trying out the Magnitone Bare Faced cleansing brush and also the Wipe Out! Microfibre cleansing cloth. 

I know my skins not perfect but boy does it feel so much healthier now. My skin has been suffering from mild acne for a while now. I know why though, my diet has been shocking. Chocolate for breakfast, Mcdonalds for tea. I’ve been shameful and it’s not okay. Despite this, my skin is feeling a lot softer and smooth since using the Barefaced cleansing brush. It has two settings, two different levels of vibrations. I like to use the highest setting to ensure my face is getting a real good clean. I love how amazing it feels on my skin, I don’t think I could live without it now. I use morning and night without fail.

Mine is pale green which is also something different for me as I’m a lover of all things pink. It’s rechargeable by USB but I connect to on of my phone plugs and charge it that way. It doesn’t take forever to charge either. The only thing that confused me a little, to begin with, is how you charge it. It comes with a magnetic charging port which sticks to the cleanser. I liked this idea though because it means that the brush is completely waterproof meaning you can use it in the shower and bath. I like this because i always wash my face in the bath. I’ve accidentally dropped it into the bath to so it’s completely under water and it still works! I love it.

I’ve also been enjoying the Wipe Out Amazing Microfibre Cleansing Cloth. It’s very much like the famous makeup eraser. It’s super soft and my favourite colour. PINK! You get two clothes included which i thought was fab. The strange thing about this cloth is that it only requires water. No cleanser or makeup remover. To begin with, I thought what is this sorcery? But it works amazing. I use these two products together. First, I used the cloth to remove all eye makeup and foundation. Then I apply cleanser to my brush and use for a few minutes. I’ve also tried the brush with exfoliator which was an amazing deep clean. I wash the Microfibre cloth in the washing machine. I use one whilst the other is in the wash.

Have you tried either of these products? I’d love to know!

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A x

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