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'Skin Care Saviours from Magnitone'

March 10, 2017

'Skin Care Saviours from Magnitone'

Emily from Miss Beauty Emily recently tried our new cleansing  double act. The WipeOut! cleansing cloth followed by the BareFaced Vibra-Sonic™ Cleansing brush.  See what lovely things she says about both below! 
Magnitone Brush and Cleansing Cloth
Skin Care Saviours from Magnitone
I've never been a huge lover of skin care but 2017 was the year I was determined to get into a thorough routine to try and get my skin looking the best it can. Last month I got the chance to try out Magnitone's BareFaced! VibraSonic Face Brush and also their new launch of the WipeOut! Cleansing Cloth and I've been putting it to the test by using it in my current skin routine and I'm going to be talking you through my thoughts!
Magnitone Face Brush
BareFaced! Face Brush
BareFaced! Face Brush
Since this is also a review, I thought I would include a little about the packaging and the item itself before sharing my results. I was sent the blue/green brush which came in a compact box that I felt was labelled super well! For an item like this, I never have any idea where to start and can't work out what part does what but when you open up the packaging, there is labels pointing to every part of the brush and what you need to know. This was super helpful and I'm so glad for this little feature.
Right at the bottom of the box you can find the instructional manual, charging USB cable and also a cute little compact zipped bag that you can use to store all your accessories. 
Magnitone Charger
Charging of the Magnitone
The charging of this device is a little different to what I would have expected but it's a nifty little design! This magnetic charger clicks onto the bottom handle of the magnitone (as seen in the previous photos) and has a port for the USB charger to plug into and be charged via a computer (or USB plug adapter). The magnitone flashes continuously whilst the device chargers and then once full, the light becomes steady. Due to the charger being magnetic, it can be removed during use and this makes the whole brush waterproof! Through my experience, I have found that when you fully charge the brush it lasts approximately 7 sessions (1 week worth) which I was super impressed with!
Magnitone Brush
Magnitone brush head
Probably the most important part of the actual face brush is the brush head! What I love about Magnitone's original brush head is that it doesn't feel too harsh on my face but I can feel it getting deep into the pores and washing out the dirt! The brush pulsates on the skin to deeply cleanse the skin, massage it and tone it. This specific brush head is called the Active Clean but you can purchase different types from their shop. 
Magnitone Brush
My thoughts...
I have been using the Magnitone for a good month now and I have been seeing excellent visible results! After every deep cleanse, my skin feels clean, tight and firm without being dried out. I love to use this with either the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish or Biore's Charcoal Cleanser which really helps to get deep into my pores. I suffer from oily skin but with the use of this brush, I've noticed that my T-Zone hasn't felt or appeared as oily as usual which I definitely think is down to this brush! I've also not experienced as many breakouts on my face as I have in the past, I did get a few on my forehead but they were half the size of what I'd usually get which is a huge improvement for me.
The brush head was really easy to clean after use, I used a gentle soap and circled it in the palm of my hand and any makeup residue was washed off. The brush itself was really easy to use, I placed the cleanser onto my face (rather than the brush head) just so I could be sure I'd used enough product on my face and then I wet the brush head and clicked the button once (pressing once activates the daily cleanse and pressing twice activates the PulseLift). I then glide the brush over my right cheek, side of nose and chin without pushing or rubbing the brush in (the vibration will do all the work for you), after 20 seconds the brush will make a noise and this indicates to move onto the other side of the face so I'll repeat what I've done but on the left side. Once the brush has made the noise again I will focus on my forehead and down the bridge of my nose until the brush turns off.
The price of this facial brush is £70 which is a really affordable price for an investment in your skin!
Cleansing Cloth
Cleansing Cloth
WipeOut! Cleansing Cloth
A lot of these cleansing cloths have been hitting the market recently but I've never actually tried any! These pink ones really intrigued me as I had no idea if they'd actually work. To my surprise, these actually take your makeup off really well. Before using them you do have to pop them in a 30-degree wash to get rid of any loose microfibres so after I'd washed my cloth, I put it to use by popping it into warm water and wiping my face with it. I have to admit, it was a very weird feeling as I'm so used to makeup wipes but it got rid of all of my mascara, gel liner, foundation, concealer and much more! My mascara has left black staining over the cloth but I've yet to pop it into a wash so can't say whether it washes out or not but I imagine it would! The best thing about these cloths is that they are perfect for travelling (I'm definitely taking this with me to the Makeup Revolution Event this month!) and it reduces the waste of makeup wipes in the landfill! 
A 2 pack of these cloths are £14.99 and these cloths can be used 1000 times so you'd definitely be saving yourself money in the long run if you imagine how much 2000 makeup wipes would cost you!
Magnitone Brush
What are your skincare saviours?
Soon I will be doing a full YouTube video of my current skin care routine which will include these items so be on the lookout for that. But what is your skin care, saviour? Maybe yours happens to be from Magnitone too? Let me know!

- Emily x


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