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Skin that glows, from head to toe.

April 11, 2017

Skin that glows, from head to toe.

With the temperatures, slowly starting to rise. It's time to start thinking about showing a little more skin...

After a winter layered up and stuck indoors, your skin might be looking a little lifeless, and in need of some serious invigoration. Whether you stay in London or jet off to Ibiza this summer, here are our top tips on how to get your body beautifully conditioned head to toe. 

Get Fit!

No, that doesn't mean you have to be hitting the gym six days a week. Nevertheless, moving your body a little more encourages blood flow to the skin, giving it that fresh and healthy glow. Whether that means you take advantage of the longer nights for an evening run to get that blood pumping, or simply taking 5 minutes to energise the skin with some body brushing. The Vibra-Sonic™ technology in both the Barefacedand Full Monty brushes stimulate circulation for toned, bright skin.


Too much sun, drinking to excess, pollution or eating a whole pizza in one sitting ... it seems like everything we do, no matter how fun it may be at the time, will lead to health problems, wrinkles or breakouts. Bummer.  Are you using SPF? Great. Removing your make up before bed? Even better. Keeping your skincare regime as simple as possible, and encouraging the bodies natural skin cell regeneration with a Sonic cleansing brushcan help to counteract negative environmental and lifestyle issues. The rapid oscillations and vibrations help pull dirt and impurities out of pores, to leave skin totally clean and clear. Here at Magnitone HQ we believe that keeping your skincare routine simple allows your skin to do the talking. Why not try removing your make up with just water using a WipeOut!cleansing cloth - with the lifespan of 1000 washes your also doing your bit for the planet and saving pennies on unnecessary chemical filled wipes. Win-win.

Take your Vitamins.

From government guidelines reporting that many of us are potentially vitamin D deficient (thanks, soggy London winters) It seems it's not just our bones that can benefit from a daily boost. According to Nutritionist Dale Pinnock, in his Clear Skin cookbook:

"There is some evidence that vitamin D may be useful in the treatment and management of psoriasis...vitamin D regulates the turnover of skin cells. As psoriasis is an over-accelerated turnover of skin cells, extra intake of this nutrient may well prove beneficial."

Whether you intend to head out in the sun (always with SPF) to catch some rays, or up your intake through diet or supplements. It might be worth considering topping up your Vitamin D intake to compliment your current skincare routine.

Do it yourself. 

Busy schedules during the week can leave you time-poor to fit in a manicure, pedicure or facial. Who says you can't get the same salon fresh feeling at home, without blocking out a whole Saturday morning? We get this is the time that could be better spent at the gym or even brunch in the sun... Cheaper and quicker than a salon pedicure, our newest Well Heeled at home pedicure system has been created to make getting silky smooth, sandal ready heels easy as pie! After a winter shoved in boots and fluffy socks, its time to let your feet do the talking. 


We don't have to be the ones to tell you that drinking water is good for you. Our skin loves water, and there is nothing worse than it becoming dry and flaky. From your head to your toes, make sure you keep dry skin at bay by consuming extra fluids in warm weather. As well as regular buffing and moisturising to keep things perfectly conditioned. We love seeing our moisturiser sink in beautifully after an invigorating body buff with the Full Monty brush using The Exfoliator brush heads.

At Magnitone HQ we believe everyone deserves beautifully conditioned skin, and you don't need a degree in science to achieve it!

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