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Review Blog from ChiChi Writes!

June 01, 2017

Review Blog from ChiChi Writes!

We loved this review of our Well Heeled Express pedicure system, so much we just had to re-post it! Thanks for the support Chichi Writes:


Hello, all! :) I was recently sent the Magnitone WellHeeled! Express Pedicure System, and when it arrived I was so excited to try it out!
The Magnitone WellHeeled! Express Pedicure System is a kit that is designed to give you the perfect express pedicure in the comfort of your own home. Who needs to visit the local salon to get a pedicure when you can literally DIY?
As someone who walks a lot and stands a lot, I seem prone to dry and cracked soles. I've tried moisturizing and scrubbing the hard skin away, but with the Express Pedicure system, it seems to be the solution to this common problem.
The kit comes with two extra buff microcrystal rollers, a cleaning brush, and 2x AA batteries, so I've pretty much got the complete set as well as the pedicure device.

Since I started using the express pedicure device, I have seen some really good results! My skin at my feet is really smooth now and not cracked - the hard skin is completely gone! It's like a miracle. I noticed the results straight away when I used it for the first time, and since then I have been using it regularly. Plus, it's quite gentle on the skin.
The best thing about Magnitone's Express Pedicure device is that it's lightweight, waterproof and fast-drying, so it's perfect for taking in a makeup travel bag, and this means that you can have smooth and salon-perfect feet while on holiday.
Overall, I am very pleased with the results of the Express Pedicure, I would 100% recommend it to keep your feet well-buffed, smooth and well-maintained. Also, at the price of £25 (the equivalent to the cost of a salon pedicure), it's definitely the best value pedicure kit that you can use at home! I would give this product a 10 out of 10!

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