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Makeup Meet BlendUp...

September 25, 2017 1 Comment

Makeup Meet BlendUp...

We are proud to announce the launch of BlendUp! The worlds most advanced Makeup Brush! 

What is BlendUp?

Blend up is a Vibra-Sonic™ Makeup brush, that buffs and blends makeup flawlessly, whilst stimulating the skin. The result?

Say hello to a more natural and healthy finish and goodbye to clumps, edge lines, and streaks!

Be your Very Own Professional Make Up Artist

Blend Up has been developed with expert guidance from Celebrity Makeup Artist, Paul Herrington. With the BlendUp's clever combination of Vibra-Sonic™ technology and expertly curated brush heads, you can create a professional finish without the need for his years of experience.

'When I do makeup, my hand sweeps across the skin really fast. That's the key to a diffused airbrushed look. With Magnitone BlendUp, you've now got my 25 years of experience at the touch of a button.' Paul Herrington,Celebrity Make Up Artist

A Versatile Superstar

BlendUp comes with our ultra-soft all-rounder, SmoothBLEND™; a flat-topped brush head, that has been designed to blend and contour your makeup to perfection. But you can easily switch up to our BuffBLEND or FeatherBLEND heads to diffuse, buff and stipple your look even further.  

Worry-Free Blending

All of the BlendUp brush heads are treated with Biomaster®, an antibacterial shield based on natural silver-ion technology. It prevents any nasties from cross-contaminating, and therefore reducing any unwanted breakouts. Biomaster® never leaks, wash away or disappears, so you're protected for the life of the brush! 

Sign up to be one of the first to experience the magic of BlendUp, now! 

Learn more about blendup makeup brush

1 Response

Danielle Barea
Danielle Barea

September 25, 2017

Hello. I am having difficulty accessing the Blend-up information /price to order this product. I keep getting redirected to the page for signing up via email which I have done and for sharing on Facebook, which I have done. Please advise. Thank you & regards.

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